Call Center Work from Home Philippines: Tips to Succeed

TIPS on Home Based Call Center work in the Philippines

With the pandemic, most call centers adapted to the work from home scenario. For two years, call center agents have done their calls and work in the comfort of their own houses.

There were also many options as well that opened up during the pandemic -- such as non-voice call center work from home, or call center support using mobile phones. There was also a vast hiring of call center agents with no experience during the pandemic to help Filipinos have jobs. There were also job openings for part time call center job openings and many more call center options because of the pandemic -- all from the comfort of your own homes.

However, with COVID now being a part of life, more call centers are asking their employees to report back to the office. While some people do welcome coming back to the office because of reasons such as a lack of space at home, or bad internet connections. Most Filipino call center agents still would rather work from home due to safety, costs and traffic concerns.

So if you are that Filipino call center agent who would like tips to succeed in a work from home scenario, then read on.

What you need for a home based call center job in the Philippines.

Everyone knows working from home has its advantages. You can stay in your pajamas all day, eat pizza whenever you want, and still make enough money to pay the bills. However, if you work a call center job from home there are some additional considerations that need to be made in order for you to be able to work efficiently and effectively as well as keep your sanity. Here are some tips to help ensure your success once you land that ideal work from home job.

Working from home requires a dedicated space.

Working from home requires a dedicated space. You need to be able to shut yourself away from the rest of the world and focus on your work. If you're trying to do this while sitting in your living room beside two kids who are being loud, one cat that won't leave you alone, and another cat on top of the refrigerator staring down at you menacingly, then it's going to be hard for anyone else to concentrate on their work.

If possible, try moving somewhere like an office or a spare bedroom if there's one available. If not—go find a corner of your house where you can have a small table to place a computer in and a chair. The important thing is you set up a small corner or space where you can focus on your work. The space should also be free of noise, this is usually not a problem if you are opting for a graveyard shift.

Most Philippine call center companies will ask for a picture of your workspace before they actually hire you. This will ensure that you can do your duties while at home.

Establish some office hours for your call center work

Establish some office hours for your call center work. This way, you can better manage your time and make sure you're working on what needs to be done. Be consistent in setting aside the same amount of time each day for work, whether it's an hour or two (or more). If there's something that needs to be done immediately, allocate more time for it.

Many people think they can do their business wherever they want because it's "home," but that's not exactly true! You still need some place where you will focus solely on work without being distracted by other activities that are going on around you—like cooking dinner or doing laundry while someone else is watching TV nearby (we've all been there). You also want enough space so that when someone comes into the room they won't feel like they're intruding on something private; this is especially important if children live with them at home as well.

Get your family involved and have them respect the time of your work.

Take breaks like you would in a regular office job.

There are many benefits to working for a home based call center, but one of the downsides is that you can easily get stuck in your cubicle for extended periods of time without taking a break. When you take breaks like you would in a regular office job, you will stay focused and motivated throughout the day. And if getting out of your chair is inconvenient or uncomfortable (perhaps because it's not ergonomic), consider investing in a standing desk or sitting on an exercise ball instead so that even during breaks, your body remains active and engaged.

Dress appropriately for work

Dress appropriately if you have video calls or chats planned for the day with customers or co-workers. If you are going to work, then you need to look the part even if the customer will not see you. Take a bath, dress properly, and clean yourself up. If you look professional, you will feel more motivated to do the job.

Working for a home based call center can be done successfully if you plan ahead and keep yourself organized!

Working from home can be done successfully if you plan ahead and keep yourself organized! To start, make sure that you have a space for your work and a space for personal time. This is important because it allows you to separate your work life from your personal life so that they don't overlap.

Another thing that's helpful is having some sort of schedule or routine for yourself throughout the day—this keeps things organized and prevents procrastination! Make sure to include breaks into this schedule so as not to burn out early on; even though working from home gives you more flexibility than an office job might offer in terms of when/where/how often breaks are needed (and taken), taking care not overextend yourself will help prevent burnout later down road when projects get harder than expected or deadlines loom nearer than ever before!

Be visible and responsible.

Make sure that once you clock in, you inform your TL or manager. Always communicate with your teammates that you are there working with them.Usually, the tools that you install in your computer will help your managers monitor your work and attendance, however, talking in chats will still give you plus points since you are making yourself known.

Do not skip work, do not go excessively offline as well. Working from home requires that you are mature and professional. If you want to gain the respect of your colleagues and managers, do your job, be fair and do not slack off.


Working for a home based call center has so many benefits for any employee. To get in nowadays is also fairly easy, as long as you have the skills and track record for it. You must always show your drive and discipline that the company can trust you - even while at home.

Hope these tips help you as you work from home.

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