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Call center agents like me who often work graveyard shifts must keep healthy. The lack of sleep will always take a toll on our bodies, hence why we need some supplements to help make us feel better.

So what are these vitamins that can help those who work wee hours of the night?

1) Multivitamins

Working at night caused my health to rapidly deteriorate. I also observed that I suffered from fevers and colds every two weeks. After spending an excessive amount of money on Decolgen and tissues, I decided to visit the doctor.

The doctor went on to say that night-shift employees are typically ill due to sleep deprivation and poor nutrition. Since I did not have any allergies or health conditions, he confirmed that I should take multivitamins because they are extremely beneficial for the immune system.

I then posed the age-old question, "Which multivitamin is the best?"

And he responded, "Whatever you prefer"

I then asked the doctor, with patience, to just recommend the best multivitamin brand. Then he responded, "There is no such thing as the best multivitamin, as multivitamins vary in composition, but taking any brand is preferable to nothing."

Then, I went to a local drugstore and examined the packaging of Clusivol, Centrum, Enervon, Revicon, Stresstabs, etc. Each multivitamin brand appeared similar, but the amount of vitamin mg varied. The average price per capsule was10-20 Pesos, but Revicon Forte won the "cheap" award with a price of 7 Pesos.

I decided to take Enervon-C because the slogan "More Energy, More Happy" was running through my head. True enough when I started taking Enervon C, my sniffles became a little more controlled. This was proof enough that Vitamin C really works.

How about Generics?

At my next appointment with the Doctor, I inquired about generic multivitamins. He stated that generic vitamins were acceptable so long as they came from a reputable pharmacy; therefore, do not purchase generic vitamins from some shady and unknown drugstore.

The physician also noted that generic multivitamins may be less potent than brand-name supplements. I then went to The Generics Pharmacy to purchase Clusivol's generic version. I examined the package insert (a small piece of paper containing vitamin information) and discovered that the original Clusivol contained higher vitamin "C" and "B" doses.

So what multivitamin is the best?

But in the end, any multivitamin, whether generic or branded, is preferable to none. If you take more than one capsule per day, you risk destroying your kidneys/liver. If you have medical conditions, consult your doctor first; otherwise, you could die and blame me.

  • I personally take Enervon C which is one of the cheapest multivitamins out there.
  • Consaze was something that I also used - it was very effective for me as well. I felt more energized.
  • Stresstabs has iron which actually helps replenish Iron, and has Vit B and E - so it adds help for the skin during stressful no-sleep days.
  • Centrum was just too expensive for me.

2) Ascorbic Acid

The Dietary Reference Intake for North America recommends 90 milligrams per day, with a maximum of 2 grams (2,000 milligrams) per day. C

Unless your multivitamin already contains a substantial amount of Vitamin C (such as Clusivol Power-C), you can still take a vitamin C supplement (as long as it is within the proper dose).

Vitamin C can aid the body in numerous ways, including the treatment of infections and the prevention of contracting certain viruses. However, as with all medications, this should be administered with caution. Taking too much vitamin C can lead to diarrhea and kidney stones if you're not careful. As usual, consult your physician first.

I take a 250 mg vitamin C tablet daily in addition to my multivitamins. I use the Mercury drug brand Rhea. Only 150 pesos are required for 100 Tablets. RHEA vitamin C is the cheapest one I found.

In addition, there are Vitamin C supplements that are not acidic (like Fern-C, Bewell-C, etc). This should be perfect for those who are acidic. 

What is the best Vitamin C?

  • For me I still use Rhea generics or Watson generic vitamin C since these are the cheapest.
  • Fern-C eliminated my sniffles altogether, but again, it was a tad bit expensive.
  • Potencee and the other brands had the same effect.

3) Sleep supplement

A coworker informed me that Sleepasil (Melatonin) worked miracles for her. I became curious and asked the most intelligent individual I know if Sleepasil was beneficial or not. Google immediately informed me that Sleepasil is a non-addictive and non-habit-forming melatonin-based sleep aid.

I then visited Mercury and purchased a Capsule. I took Sleepasil as soon as I got home. After 30 minutes, I was so sleepy that I literally fell to the floor and slept like a baby. Six hours later, I awoke feeling oddly more refreshed than usual.

I became more curious about this drug and conducted additional research.

Wikipedia informed me that Sleepasil contains melatonin, which is a natural hormone in the body that signals when it's time to sleep. Natural Melatonin appears to work miracles, as it allows the body to rest, enhances memory, the immune system, etc.

Nevertheless, I asked my doctor about it. He stated, "Melatonin should be produced naturally by the body, and he discourages the use of anything unnatural." He informed me that Sleepasil was safe because it was merely a dietary supplement. But he did mention that taking a drug you don't need is not a good idea, so I should only use it when absolutely necessary."

Therefore, there is no point in taking Sleepasil if you have no actual sleeping issues. I only take this supplement if I am extremely sleep-deprived. 

Also, sleeping supplements are NOT sleeping pills - they are different altogether and sleeping pills are used by doctors and need a prescription.

What is the best sleeping supplement?

  • I am using Sleepasil which has melatonin and other natural ingredients to aid sleep.
  • There are other supplements that are cheaper which are just 100% pure melatonin such as sleepwell.

(4) Additional Food Supplements

I've tried numerous dietary supplements, including Abs, Cran Uti, Circulan, and Memo Plus gold. According to the commercials, each product has its own miraculous claim. Some supplements are beneficial, while others are ineffective. The idea is that supplements are used if you lack these minerals - but if you have the proper supply in your body, then there should be no need for them. 


The point is that even if you take all the supplements in the world, nothing beats eating right, getting enough sleep, drinking plenty of water, controlling vices, and exercising regularly. However, these vitamins can indeed help as per the doctors that I have talked to. 

Hope this helps you have some insight into multivitamins. 

Do comment below if you have new multivitamins that really work for you.

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