The Best and most affordable Insurance for Seniors in the Philippines (Over 65 years old) 

Seniors in the Philippines are usually dependent on their children. We are not a rich country and financial planning and education are often ignored. That is why when sickness occurs, our families usually shoulder the burden of hospitalization and treatment.

This is why we must always plan ahead for our financial future. Health cards for seniors and health insurance for seniors in the Philippines is a need for anyone who is taking care of seniors. You must always consider the fact that no matter how restricted your budget is - when a senior gets sick, you will have to shell out large sums. That is why while your parents/grandparents are healthy - you should start looking for insurance.

More affordable Insurance for Seniors in the Philippines

Senior citizens are one of the most vulnerable sectors in the country. They may be old and frail, but they still have important responsibilities to fulfill. Due to the lack of financial education in our country, many people don't know what type of insurance is best for senior citizens in the Philippines. In this blog article, we'll explore everything you need to know about insurance geared toward older individuals.

PhilHealth coverage in the Philippines will NEVER be enough

PhilHealth is a medical insurance in the Philippines that is readily available for all senior citizens, however,you need to understand that PhilHealth only covers a certain amount and take it as somewhat of a discount card.

When you avail of inpatient benefits, PhilHealth is obliged to pay the accredited healthcare institution or HCI where you’re admitted. The amount that will be deducted from your total bill will depend on your medical case rate or condition.

There are free Government Hospitals in the Philippines, so I do not need Insurance.

While this again is true, you have to consider that free hospitals mean that everyone has access to it. This equates to long lines, a lack of doctors, and conditions that may not meet your needs. If you have a senior that has an emergency, and you rush to a free government hospital - you have to wait in line amongst other emergencies. You will simply watch your family member suffer before they get looked at, or worse yet - many people die before they can get a slot along the lines of government hospitals.

What Sets a Health Card Apart from a Health Insurance Plan for seniors?

Health Maintenance Organization/HMO for seniors usually deal with checkups, emergencies, and outpatient care. They cover the costs of check-ups and preventive maintenance for seniors.

You can get prepaid health cards for senior citizens online. Purchase the card, then activate it. Benefits are available for an entire year or until the amount included is consumed.

So what are the Best and Cheap Health Cards for Seniors

1. Maxicare Prima Gold ₱12,999

  • You get unlimited lab tests and consultation at Maxicare Primary Care Clinics or MyHealth Clinics.
  • ER coverage of 20,000 for Maxicare affiliated hospitals. Plus teleconsultations.
  • Dental procedures are covered.

Note: No Cardiologists

2. PhilCare Vida Care Premiere PHP13,270.00

My current card of choice. PhilCare Vidacare Premiere is a health plan that covers multiple-use benefits for unlimited medical and dental consultations to all accredited physicians nationwide and unlimited laboratory and diagnostics procedures available at Philcare-owned clinics only.

This also covers a single-use benefit up to Php20,000 for outpatient emergency care for viral, bacterial illnesses, and treatment of injuries resulting from accidents (except for stroke) in 500+ Philcare accredited hospitals nationwide.

My story: My mother had an accident and I had to rush to the ER. I just had to present the voucher to the attending physician and all costs were covered.

For checkups, they will give a link where you may search for an accredited doctor. You can print out a voucher and get unlimited checkups for free for any doctor and specialist.

Lastly, once you get requests for laboratories, you just have to call their hotlines and schedule a lab consult at their accredited clinics (Mall of Asia and Makati).

 3. InLife MedConsult Seniors 3500PHP

Up to four (4) face-to-face medical consultations to all Insular Health Care-accredited general physicians, family medicine specialists, internal medicine specialists (with subspecialties in cardiology, gastroenterology, pulmonology, endocrinology, infectious medicine, nephrology, urology, rheumatology, oncology, hematology, and allergology), general surgeons, orthopedic doctors, ENT specialists, geriatricians and rehabilitation medicine specialists.

Cheap Health Insurance for Seniors in the Philippines (Over 65)

For Affordable Health Insurance for seniors, there are currently two providers in the Philippines with the cheapest costs.

1. Paramount Direct:

For as low as 300 pesos a month, you can get hospitalization benefits for seniors. They have several plans that actually give you cashback once hospitalization or critical illnesses are diagnosed.

Paramount Direct has the following plans below for Seniors:

  • PrimeCare Cash Plan - hospitalization benefits that give back to you per day of confinement, ICU and surgery.
  • PrimeHealth Cash Plan - health insurance that gives 100,000 PHP once diagnosed of a critical illness (Heart Attack, Stroke, Cancer, Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery, and End-stage Renal Failure requiring dialysis) you are paid a lump sum cash.

2. Pacific Cross Premiere - 33237PHP

Pacific Cross Premiere is my current choice. For 33k, you get a 500,000 benefit for each diagnosed sickness. This is all through reimbursement where you shoulder 10% and Pacific Cross will shoulder 90% of fees. You also get an annual APE exam, plus ER reimbursement for up to 5000PHP. 

Why I choose Pacific Cross Premiere?

The logic is simple, as seniors age, they usually have multiple sicknesses. One sickness amounts to hundreds of thousands, plus confinement costs, plus doctors. Pacific Cross covers all of these.

Don't wait until it is too late to get insurance. Start planning today.

To be honest, I would rather borrow money to pay for insurance rather than borrow money to pay for hospital bills. 

For most of us in the Philippines, Insurance is something we get when we get extra money. In reality, we should set this as a priority. If your parents get sick tomorrow - how will you shoulder the costs?

Will you go with the usual indignity of borrowing money from friends and relatives? Everyone has their own family to take care of, and you asking for help from others means that you become a burden.

You also cannot predict what kind of health problems might befall senior citizens or when those problems might occur. 



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