The Best Japanese Restaurant in Sta Ana Manila

New and Authentic Japanese Restaurant in Sta Ana Manila

Sta Ana Manila is home to many Japanese restaurants, and that's no surprise. Japan has been known for its rich culture and cuisine for centuries. The best thing about Japanese food is that there are so many different types of dishes available!  If you're craving authentic Japanese food in Sta Ana Manila, then you should definitely try JaPinoy Teishoku.

My wife and I visited the place and were surprised that there was ample parking. We were met with a quaint Japanese-style restaurant, which actually mimics the ambiance of small restaurants in Japan. The place had a homey, classic feel that was simply amazing. You are met with a lotus tree at the entrance, which gives the place a wonderful vibe.

Sakura blossoms all around

They had a wide range of traditional Japanese products such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, takoyaki, and ramen. Everything was so affordable that I had to wonder what the taste would be.

For starters, I ordered their Gyoza, since this usually defines what a Philippine Japanese restaurant will do in terms of dishes. I thought that if the gyoza were good, then this place would have quality. I was not disappointed. At a fraction of the cost, JaPinoy Teishoku has one of the best gyoza in the metro. The wrapper was fried to perfection and the meat inside was a perfect balance of meat and flavor. I could have eaten just this dish and would have been satisfied.

Gyoza was good for the price.

I then proceeded to order my Japanese street food favorite - which was takoyaki. I have tried many takoyaki in my life, but this was simply one of the best takoyaki that I have tasted. The sauce had a balanced sweet and salty taste that went well with the soft and chewy texture of the batter. The octopus inside was perfectly cooked, with just enough chewiness to make it enjoyable without being tough.

Rich and real tasty!

I have to say, I was pretty impressed with the tempura at JaPinoy Teishoku which is why I am saying that it is the best Japanese restaurant in Sta Ana Manila. I've always been a little hesitant to try tempura because it just seems like it would be hard to get right. But this place really knocked it out of the park! The batter was so crispy and light, and they did a great job with the seasoning. Best tempura experience for the price in Manila.

Flaky, crunchy, fresh!

The highlight of our visit was the seafood ramen. The taste was unlike other ramen places in the metro where it's full of sauce, salt, and flavor. The Ramen had a clear, natural, and rich taste to it. It was close enough to remind me of the Ramen we actually had in Japan. This was a Ramen place that enthusiasts should visit.

Unique and superb seafood ramen,

Other dishes we tried :

Beef Gyudon

Veggie Lumpia

Sizzling Wagyu

If you want to try an authentic Japanese restaurant in Sta Ana Manila, and personally, it really is the best Japanese restaurant in Sta Ana Manila -- then do visit JaPinoy Teishoku.

I hope that this article has helped you find the best Japanese restaurant in Sta Ana Manila. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below!

Japinoy Teishoku is located at: 
2543 Tejeron Cor. Sampaguita St. Brgy. 783 Zone 85 District V, Manila, Philippines, 1009

DM their page for reservations and inquiries:

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