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1) Multivitamins

Working at night caused my health to spiral down down down (much like Jay Sean's song).  I also noticed that I got fevers and colds every other week.  After spending way too much on Decolgen and tissue, I finally decided to visit the doctor.

The good doctor then mentioned that call center agents are usually sickly -- this is because we lack sleep and have poor diets.  He then confirmed that since I had no allergies or health conditions, I should take multivitamins since it really helps the immune system.

I then asked the golden question, “anu po ba pinakamagandang multivitamin?”

And he answered, “kung ano gusto mo.” (Gusto ko sana batukan, kaso may edad na.)

I then patiently asked the Doctor to recommend the best multivitamin.  He then answered, "there is no such thing as the best multivitamin. Multivitamins vary and have different compositions, but taking any brand is better than nothing."

I then went to Mercury Drug and checked the  boxes of Clusivol, Centrum, Enervon, Revicon, Stresstabs etc.    Each multivitamin brand was somewhat similar, but varied with the mg of the vitamins.  Most had the average price of 9 Pesos per capsule, but Revicon Forte won the "cheap" award at 5 Pesos per capsule.

In the end, I decided to take Enervon-C since the jingle for "More Energy mas Happy" was running through my mind.

How about Generic Brands?

On my next check-up, I also asked my doctor about generic multivitamins.  He said that as long as it came from a reputable pharmacy, then generic vitamins would be fine -- so don't go buying generic vitamins from Manang Andelida's Botika or some Ermitanyo.

The doctor also mentioned that generic multivitamins may be less potent than the branded ones.  I then went to The Generics Pharmacy and got the generic brand for Clusivol.  I checked the package insert (small paper thing with the vitamin information) and found that the original Clusivol did have higher doses for vitamins "C" and "B".

And in the end, may it be generic or branded -- any multivitamin is better than none (for me at least).  Make sure that you just take one capsule a day or you may destroy your kidneys/liver.  Ask your doctor about it first if you have medical conditions -- otherwise, you might die and blame me.

Here's a link I found on the basics of Multivitamins:

2) Ascorbic Acid

The North American Dietary Reference Intake recommends 90 milligrams per day and no more than 2 grams (2,000 milligrams) per day source:

Ayan ah, kay Wikipedia na galing yan...di ko alam if totoo...

Unless the Multivitamins you take already has a large amount of Vitamin C (like Clusivol Power-C), you can still add vitamin C as a supplement (as long as it is within the proper dose).

Vitamin C can help the body in many ways, such as helping with infections, and the prevention of catching some viruses. However, as with all medicines, this should be taken with careful consideration.  Vitamin C can cause diarrhea or kidney stones if you are not careful.  So as usual, ask your doctor first.

I daily take a 250 mg vitamin C tablet on top of the multivitamins.  I use the brand Rhea from Mercury drug. It's only 150 pesos for 100 Tablets.

There’s also what we call Vitamin C supplements that are not acids (like Fern-C, Bewell-C, etc) 
Di ako endorser nyan! It just seemed like an interesting read.

3) Sleeping supplements

A co-worker told me that Sleepasil did wonders for her.  I got curious and asked the smartest entity I know if Sleepasil was indeed beneficial or not. Google immediately told me that Sleepasil was a Melatonin based drug that can enhance sleep and was not addictive or habit forming.

I then went to Mercury and bought a Capsule.  I immediately took Sleepasil when I got home.  After 30 minutes, I was so drowsy that I fell down on the floor (exaggerated) and slept like a baby.  I woke up 6hours after, and I felt oddly more refreshed than usual.

I got more curious with this drug and I researched more about it.

Sleepasil contains melatonin and Wikipedia explained this to me - Melatonin is a natural Hormone in the body that tells you when it’s time to sleep.  Natural Melatonin seems to do wonders, it enables rest for the body, improves the memory, the immune system, etc.

Of course, I still asked my Doctor about it.  He then said that “Melatonin should be produced normally by the body, and he advises against using anything that was not natural.  He did tell me that Sleepasil was safe since it was just a food supplement.  But he definitely mentioned that taking a drug that you don’t need is not advisable --  So I should use it ONLY when I really have to.”

So if you really have no problems sleeping, then there's use taking Sleepasil.  I only take this supplement IF I was desperate for sleep.

4) Other Food Supplements

I have tried most food supplements, Abs, Cran Uti, Circulan, Memo Plus gold.  Each seem to have it's own miraculous claim based on the commercials.  Some supplements really do help, some state that it's actually useless.  The bottom line for me is that -- even if you take all the supplements in the world -- NOTHING beats eating right, getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, controlling vices, and getting enough exercise.

Care to add your own vitamin related inputs?

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