Friday, March 30, 2012


So you got in and it's your first day of what?

May it be a call center or any other job, you need to act properly -- first impressions still last.


You usually get hired in batches, and these people with you will either help pull you up, or help pull you down.  So try not to be a snob and ignore everyone.  Try to smile and appear congenial.  If you are not the talkative type, then at least be polite in answering the questions from your peers.


Appearance matters, fix yourself up.  You do not need to look like a model, but at least have the decency to comb your hair and iron your shirt.  This is the first time your colleagues and your bosses will see you -- so at least show your best side.

Sa floor ka na mag-mukhang basura, wag naman sa first day mo.   


When the time comes to "tell something about yourself" do not narrate all your achievements in one go.  Keep a low profile and let your performance be seen not heard.  If you come off as someone arrogant, people will just end up hating you for it.  

Ang tunay na magaling, hindi mayabang at walang dapat patunayan.


It is true that we have to be ourselves, but do try to be as "normal" as you can on your first day.  Let's not open up our personal problems at home, or how you used drugs during highschool.  If you want to be respected, then act respectable.  In due time as you learn to adapt to your environment can you then start being yourself.

Any other first day tips you can think of?



Thursday, March 29, 2012

Telstra Call Center Bribery - a sad day for Philippine CallCenter agents

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If you are a call center agent -- then you should have already heard about the news of how a Filipino bribed a Australian Telstra  customer.

Telstra is an Australian telecommunications and media company, building and operating telecommunications networks and marketing voice, mobile, internet access and pay television products and services.  

The story was that a call center agent from the Philippines (under the BPO handling Telstra) supposedly offered to wipe out the customer's bill in exchange for 60$.

I couldn't really blame the victim for what he said, and how the news seemed so biased.  The Australians were the victims and they had every right to say what they felt.  I just wished that the news was a bit more fair in saying that this was not really a norm, and that a lot of Filipino's have been offering good and honest service ever since the outsourcing industry started.

So to all my fellow call center agents out there, think how the BPO industry has helped us have good paying jobs.  Losing our credibility due to making quick cash and wrong decisions is not really going to help our country in the long run.  Since you directly deal with our foreign neighbors, what YOU do is an impression of the rest of us.

Kaya sa mga may toyo at sabit jan, ayusin nyo ang pag trabaho sa callcenter.   Pag nawala pa ang mga callcenter sa Pinas, ay sus, ang dami sating magugutom...