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Heyo, this is Jomsi, a certified Pinoy Call Center Agent! I write about the typical life of a call center dad in the Philippines.

This is Jomsi, a Call Center DAD.

Many years ago I jumped for joy and did a backflip when I got accepted as a customer service agent for a local call center. I immediately went online to ask the most intelligent entity I know (Google) about the ins and outs of my new career.

I then received tons of information from several sites, blogs, and forums on how to work in the call center industry. Some ideas were good, some were bad, and some were just plain silly. Still, I did learn a lot and will be eternally grateful to those writers who took the time to write guides for call center noobs like me.

Twenty years later, I have evolved my niche to include parenting tips, topics, and the typical Filipino "Dad Life" in the Philippines. My call center adventures still continue while I blog about another great adventure - Parenting.

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So I hope you get something out of my humble tips, ramblings and writing on how to survive the challenging world of Parenting and Call Centers.

Thank you for reading!

*All tips are from my personal experiences, observations, and feedback from colleagues.*

*This is a light blog where sharing ideas is encouraged and appreciated.  There are no comment restrictions and feel free to give your own insights.  Just be polite to your fellow Pinoys."*

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