All the smartphone upgrades Gen Z go-getters need for their lives’ next chapter


We live in a time when the workforce is gradually being populated by members of Gen Z. Dad bloggers like me know that tech will always be a part of every GenZs life. I have realized that this generation Z now makes up the latest wave of professionals starting their careers. As such, they are at a very crucial point in their lives trying to navigate the complexities of graduating, job seeking, and “adulting" in general.

That is why Dad bloggers in the Philippines like me know that the best tech is something that will add value to the daily lives of these Gen Z's.

Having been born in a time of rapid technological advancements, these digital natives know how vital their tech devices are for this new chapter in their lives. To them, smartphones are more than mere communication tools; these have become extensions of themselves especially since most of their days and activities are done online. Now that these young ones are starting to venture out into the workforce, they rely on their smartphones to help them be at their best, pursue their passions and interests, and ultimately achieve their career goals.

At this stage in their lives, they need a reliable smartphone that will help them achieve their goals and grow professionally. They can’t afford to be weighed down by their smartphones as they climb up the ladder in their respective careers. Now that they find themselves in the driver’s seats of their professional lives, it’s the perfect time to upgrade their smartphones. Of course, budget is a critical factor for important purchases such as this so they’ll need one that gives maximum value at a price within reach.

Samsung’s latest awesome 5G heavy-hitters: the Galaxy A13 5G and the Galaxy A23 5G tick all these boxes with features that can help first-time job seekers and young professionals be their most awesome selves at work and in life.

Here are all the features that make these awesome 5G smartphones must-haves for today’s go-getters: 

Hyper-fast 5G performance

Multitasking has become second nature to go-getters. With the amount of responsibilities they have in their plates, they need a reliable companion that would enable them to take on multiple tasks with ease. Luckily, the 

Galaxy A13 5G is packed with MediaTek Dimensity 700 5G while the Galaxy A23 5G runs on Snapdragon 695 5G: two highly-capable processors for seamless productivity and entertainment.  These powerful processors allow them to tick all the items in their to-do list, and enjoy music and video streaming—all while keeping battery use efficient.

With powerful 5G connectivity from these devices, online activities can be done at optimal speed whether it’s for work or leisure. 

Incredible storage

It also matters to have a device that has incredible storage capacities. This makes the Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A23 5G the perfect choice. With as much as 128GB internal storage that is expandable up to 1TB, downloading huge files like documents, presentations, or even movies and games are no sweat.  Now, gen Z need not worry about storage  especially for those who are working remotely and don’t always have access to their computers

Smooth display

The Galaxy A13 5G’s 90Hz display and the Galaxy A23’s 120Hz display are two more things that make these devices awesome. Having incredible refresh rates make users enjoy super smooth scrolling within their most used apps, seamless transitions from one work app to another, and high-quality content displays that don’t drain battery life.

Lag-free performance

To be the best at work, Gen Z relies on their passions to fuel their drive for growth. This is why the Galaxy A13 5G is equipped with up to 6GB RAM, while the Galaxy A23 5G with up to 8GB RAM. This allows the phones to deliver lag-free performance that helps users find balance between work and play, whether it be content creation or gaming.

And to make it more awesome, the Galaxy A23 5G also boasts a RAM Plus feature that can be upgraded for up to 6GB additional RAM–making the device even more powerful than it already is.

High-quality camera

For a social media generation, it also pays to have a device that is at least built with a Triple Camera feature like the Galaxy A13 5G. Its camera setup consists of a 50MP Main Camera along with 2MP Depth and 2MP Macro cameras to help capture stunning photos and videos with ease. 

Meanwhile, the multi-lens camera on the Galaxy A23 5G also takes photos to the next level. Content enthusiasts can get crisper, clearer shots with the 50MP OIS Camera, expand their viewing angle with the Ultra Wide Camera, customize focus with the Depth Camera and get closer to details with the Macro Camera.

All-day battery life

The Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A23 5G’s awesome 5,000mAh battery lasts for up to 2 days, which means more time for creating, sharing, streaming, and more. It also has an App Power Management feature that automatically optimizes its battery life for all-day usage. With a long-lasting phone, it’s easy to keep productivity levels high at all times.


Being a go-getter doesn’t mean dedicating all the time in the world working on achieving goals. If anything, it’s achieving dreams and finding joy in between.

Achieve awesome goals with awesome smartphones made affordable! Experience the Samsung difference with its best value 5G phones: the Galaxy A13 5G and A23 5G. Available in Awesome Blue, Awesome Black, and Awesome Orange, the Galaxy A13 5G starts at ₱13,990 while the Galaxy A23 5G retails for ₱17,990.Even better news for those looking to upgrade! Customers who are planning to #SwitchToGalaxy can take advantage of Samsung’s Trade-In program which allows them to trade in their old devices, get big savings, and enjoy an additional top-up token. Visit any Samsung Authorized Store or online channels to know more.

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