Saturday, November 24, 2012


Some call center accounts are a breeze, some accounts are hell incarnate, bottom line is that working in a call center is indeed stressful.

Here are a few practical tips that have worked for me...

1) Follow your break schedules

Take your breaks, take your lunch, and don't go overboard when working. Breaks are there for a reason -- it's for you to take a break. Stand up from your station and go to the CR or the pantry and just breathe (not literally, since di mabango sa cr...).  Close your eyes for about 10 minutes and rest your brain. Stretch a little or chat with some friends. Just keep a handy timer so you'll know when break time is over.

"Wag gamitin ang rason na ang daming trabaho kaya di makapag break. Mas ok na mag overtime ng ilang minuto kesa di mag break sa gitna ng shift. Pag namatay ka walang mag tatayo ng monumento sayo dahil di ka nag bbreak."

2) Stretch those muscles

It's scientifically proven that stretching reduces stress, so stretch away in your station when the pressure is a bit high.

3) Take time to laugh

Laughter has always been the best medicine. After being yelled at by that irate client, or receiving that memo for being late -- take time to think happy thoughts. Joke around with some officemates or keep silly text messages in your cellphone.

"Babala:WAG TUMAWA NG MAG-ISA NG MALAKAS...baka iba isipin ng mga tao..."

4) Look at nice pictures

My number one stress reliever is when I take a moment to glance at a picture of my fiancee, family and friends. I keep a small picture frame on my station so that I can always remind myself of the people who keep me strong.

"Ignore tip #4 kung walang nagmamahal sayo, o kayat tumingin ka nalang sa pictures na nagpapasaya sayo gaya ng mga cute na hayop (aso, pusa, kambing...), o ung mga maganda at gwapong artista."

5) Have Friends

Having office friends makes the office a much bearable place to work in. But again, as I mentioned before, keep friendships professional.

6) Pray before starting your shift

Works for me and this should work for you too unless atheist ka... :D

Any other tips you may want to share?

Friday, March 30, 2012


So you got in and it's your first day of what?

May it be a call center or any other job, you need to act properly -- first impressions still last.


You usually get hired in batches, and these people with you will either help pull you up, or help pull you down.  So try not to be a snob and ignore everyone.  Try to smile and appear congenial.  If you are not the talkative type, then at least be polite in answering the questions from your peers.


Appearance matters, fix yourself up.  You do not need to look like a model, but at least have the decency to comb your hair and iron your shirt.  This is the first time your colleagues and your bosses will see you -- so at least show your best side.

Sa floor ka na mag-mukhang basura, wag naman sa first day mo.   


When the time comes to "tell something about yourself" do not narrate all your achievements in one go.  Keep a low profile and let your performance be seen not heard.  If you come off as someone arrogant, people will just end up hating you for it.  

Ang tunay na magaling, hindi mayabang at walang dapat patunayan.


It is true that we have to be ourselves, but do try to be as "normal" as you can on your first day.  Let's not open up our personal problems at home, or how you used drugs during highschool.  If you want to be respected, then act respectable.  In due time as you learn to adapt to your environment can you then start being yourself.

Any other first day tips you can think of?



Sunday, January 15, 2012


I stumbled upon this hilarious article from

I re-posted this exactly as it is :

The original link is at

Actual c0nversati0n sa isang technicaL acc0unt sa C-Cubed (Cust0mer C0ntact Center) habang nakabarge sa bidang agent na it0 yung seni0r rep ng team 

TSR: 0kay sir, Let's check if y0u wiLL be abLe t0 g0 0nLine n0w...
CUST: yes... (yes Lang ng yes kase et0ng HAPON na it0... )
TSR: type in 
CUST: what? yahoo.cot?
TSR: n0 sir...
CUST: yahoo.cot?
TSR: n0 sir... com... C-O-M
CUST: cot?
TSR: (asar na) .com sir!
CUST: aahhh... yahoo.cot.
TSR: It's C as in CAT.
CUST: what?
TSR: C as in CAT. C-A-T... me0w me0w...
(ayuz! very specific na yan ha baka hindi m0 pa magets...)!
CS: Thank you for calling... this is Candy, how may I help you?
Cust: What did you say your name was... Mandy?
CS: No, sir, it's Candy...
Cust: Sorry, can't hear ya... didja say Mandy?
CS: No, sir.. Candy, sir... Candy... as in Storck!!!
(oohhh... now I get it!!!)
CS: Was that a "B" as in boy or a "B" as in bravo?
Cust: Uhhmmm... how about "B" as in boy...
(good choice...)
CS: Alright, let me verify that... Was that a "G" as in golf?
Cust (with a different accent): NO! That was a "G" as! in GEBRA! (z as in zebra)
Oh, Gebra!!! like the one in the Goo?!!!... Gusme... Gon't gou get git?)
CS: Yeah, sir... sir... are you there?
Cust: Yes, yes, I'm there!
(siguro naglalaro sila ng Counter...)
CS: Sir, do you have NET-ESCAPE there?
Cust: Huh?... Oh!!!.. No, I have MSN IN-NERNET EXPLODER here...
(... makes sense to me!!!)
TS: Ok, sir... do u have a PEN and a PENCIL ready?
Cust: What?!!
TS: Oh, Im sorry, sir... Do u have a PEN and a BALLPEN ready?...
(klap! klap! klap!)
ethernet cord connected???...
Cust: Tha Hwhut??? (with alabama accent)
TS: Yung yellow cord, mheem...
(oh-oow ngee nehmeeennn..)
CS: ...That's E as in I-KOW... (echo)
(oki lang yan, Dong...)
CS: Come again, sir?!!!
Cust: Oh sure, baby!!!
(negro siguro kausap neto...)
TS: Ok, sir, this is ano... what you'll do... you have to type the ano...the command run and ano...
(...teypows enow???)
Cust: So, do i have to wait for advice regarding the delivery?
CS: Sir, the package has been delivered and all we have to do is wait POR FICK UP schedule...
(... I can PEEL it!!!)
CS: I w! as hoping you can take this survey with me... Would you have the time to do that, sir?
Contact: How long is this gonna to take?
CS: Mmm.. MGA three minutes....
(ay shyet!!!)
CS: ...I'd like to speak with Billy Thompson please???
Contact: He's not in. Would you like to leave a message in his voicemail?
CS: Sure, SIGE...
(ay shyet, ulet!!!)
local client kaya mostly pinoy and callers, usually from visayas...
Cust: hiillo! wala kasi yung bell ng pon namin???...
CS: Hindi naman po ba nabagsak yung phone?
Cust: Hende naman...
CS: Kailan pa po ito nagsimula?
Cust: Ang alen?
CS: .Na hindi po nagri-ring yung phone?
Cust: Nagre-reng naman ah?!
CS: Di ba wala pong ring?
Cust: Hende! yong BELL!.. yong lestahan nong babayaran namin!!!...
CS: aahhh... yung BILL?!!!
(hende kase nagve-verefie mabote... tsk, tsk, tsk...)
TS: Ok, sir... Could you please drag the icon UPSTAIRS?...
(... lemme try...)
Cust (US): So how's the weather there?
CS: Well... it's kinda cloudy today, sir...
Cust: Oh really?!!!... So where are you located?
CS: Sir, your call has been re-routed in ORTIGAS!!!...
(... dats nir Mexico...)
TS: Alright, we're going to perform a checkdisk... that is for us to see if your hard drive has errors in it.please type in C-H-K-D-S-K...
Cust: What is that again?
TS: C-H-K-D-S-K... that is... C as in Charlie... H as in Harley... K as in Karly... D as in Darley... S as in Sarley... and K as in Karly...
(gleng-gleng... bagong version...)