Friday, March 30, 2012


So you got in and it's your first day of what?

May it be a call center or any other job, you need to act properly -- first impressions still last.


You usually get hired in batches, and these people with you will either help pull you up, or help pull you down.  So try not to be a snob and ignore everyone.  Try to smile and appear congenial.  If you are not the talkative type, then at least be polite in answering the questions from your peers.


Appearance matters, fix yourself up.  You do not need to look like a model, but at least have the decency to comb your hair and iron your shirt.  This is the first time your colleagues and your bosses will see you -- so at least show your best side.

Sa floor ka na mag-mukhang basura, wag naman sa first day mo.   


When the time comes to "tell something about yourself" do not narrate all your achievements in one go.  Keep a low profile and let your performance be seen not heard.  If you come off as someone arrogant, people will just end up hating you for it.  

Ang tunay na magaling, hindi mayabang at walang dapat patunayan.


It is true that we have to be ourselves, but do try to be as "normal" as you can on your first day.  Let's not open up our personal problems at home, or how you used drugs during highschool.  If you want to be respected, then act respectable.  In due time as you learn to adapt to your environment can you then start being yourself.

Any other first day tips you can think of?




  1. For first timer and for those who are planning to join in a call-center team this is really a good tip for them to survive.. Remembering my time as an applicant and got hired from the company where I'm working right now. During the first day of the training you'd feel like anxious , restless, every now and then you'll ask for a bio-break, everything of not feeling “OK” is there. But we need to excuse those things since those are normal feelings, for us to overcome those things you need to socialize with your batch-mates and participate in all group activities. Before I end up my thoughts I will leave you these 3 words that I learned from my training coach the “3 E's” (ENERGY, EMOTION, ENTHUSIASM) show it and you will be more productive.

  2. Just keep your feelings to yourself, you're there to work and not entirely to make friends. Just do your job, go home and smile.

  3. This is a nice blog. I got hired as a call center agent last 2 weeks and tomorrow would be my first day.

    "Buti na lang may mga pinoy na katulad mo na gumawa ng ganitong blog. Salamat po."

    Just one question. You were talking about the "tell me something about yourself question." what are the things that I should say?

    I'm just a little afraid to say more than what is needed and little afraid to say something few.

    1. Sorry for the late response, pero by now you should be past the tell me something about yourself question.

      General rule, stick to the things in your resume, and add something that's interesting about should be safe with that.

      Hope you're enjoying training.

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  5. Very helpful information. Very helpful, great share.

  6. Thanks for more info that you share honestly i'm not fluent in english but today is my 1st day training i wish i'm getting to be more comfortable and also Pray for GOD also... =)


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