Diet (nutrition), the sum of the food consumed by an organism or group
Dieting, the deliberate selection of food to control body weight or nutrient intake
Diet food, foods that aid in dieting

Wikipedia defines a diet with the statements above, but for a typical call center agent, we define diet to be nothing more than a way to fit in our pants.  

Most Pinoy agents I know are fat, obese, or unhealthy, and this is expected from a job where you sit 8 hours a day in front of the computer.  To keep awake and the mind active during those wee hours of the night, one needs to eat sweets and drink coffee.  Most work shifts also change, so your dinner time today can become your breakfast time by next month - this confuses your body and you end up craving for food when its time to go to sleep.  

So I've collated some ideas that can help us agents eat right.  Again, I am not a doctor nor a grocer so these tips do not have a nutritional standpoint.  Every sane human already knows that vegetables are good, and we should snack on fruits etc. etc. blah. blah...  

These tips are from personal experiences and from workmates.  Some tips are just plain common sense, some may seem silly, but still, these worked for me.

1)  Note what you Eat

I get a notebook and write down what I have eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  That way I can monitor if I have been eating meat a lot lately and if I should balance it out with some veggies.

Pati kinder alam na ang puro karne e masama sa katawan.  Bukod sa maari ka ma-constipate, madami pa itong negatibong epekto pag sobra .  Masarap nga ang Karne, pero di masarap ang kanser.  

Ano ang masama sa pag kain ng gulay paminsan-minsan?  

2)  Not always Fried  

I love fried foods myself, but fried food will introduce a lot of oil in your bodies.  Juggle  the type of foods that you dine on, from fried, to boiled, to steamed, to raw.   A little variety can go a long way in helping our bodies. 

3)  Do not make sweet drinks a habit

Even if there's bottomless juices, free vendo machines, and cheap soda fountains in your office - try not to form a sweet drink habit.  Limit your coffee and sweets to one to two cups a day and drink plenty of water to compensate. 

Pag nagka diabetes ka, mas di mo na maeenjoy ang kahit anong matamis...

4)  Do not skip meals

Skipping meals is just plain unhealthy, you will just crave for more food to compensate for the meal you missed.  You can also develop hyper-acidity and ulcers.  It's true that there are times you have to skip meals because of work, but do not do it deliberately to get thin - that's not the proper way to lose weight.

5)  Eat right for the Right Reasons

I have met so many people who watch what they eat because they want to look good.  They go on fad diets and they do lose a bit of weight, but after a while, they regain every kilo back two-fold.  

Dieting is eating right to keep healthy.  Do not deprive yourself.  

6)  Bring packed lunches

Fastfood's are silent killers filled with transfat and msg.  Nothing beats food you cooked and prepared at home.  

Tipid ka pa sa gastos. 

7)  Watch the invites

Unless you are a loner or a weirdo you will make office friends, and friends in call centers equate to eating out a lot.  Try not to join in their lunch outs if you feel that you've been eating a lot of junk lately.  

Pwede ding wag ka makipag-friends kahit kanino, pero ang sad nun...

Can you suggest other dieting tips?


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