Best Barbershop experience in Sampaloc Manila : Hollywood Barbers PH

HOLLYWOOD BARBERS PH is the best Barbershop in Sampaloc Manila.


If you are looking for an amazing Instagram worthy barbershop in Manila, then you should definitely try Hollywood Barbers PH. Located at 1633 Craig st., Sampaloc, Manila. This place is perfect for any call center agent or just anyone who needs an amazing haircut. The place is absolutely perfect for people who enjoy camera worthy interiors.

There are numerous barbershops in Sampaloc Manila, but for me, none compares to the beauty of  Hollywood Barbers PH. When my son and I arrived, I felt as if I took a trip to one of those picture spots in Tagaytay. Everything about the place was inviting and pleasing to the eyes.

Awesome facade.

 Once you enter the place, you will be greeted with an amazing comic book mural.

Picture worthy.

Before getting our haircuts I just had to get a selfie with the Beatles which was a well known rock band during the 1960s.


My son had no idea who these people were.


The vibe inside the actual barbershop was cozy and amazing. I felt as if I stepped inside a time machine and was transported back to the 60s.

I just had to appreciate the love and detail that was poured into this place. Everything was carefully planned as a part of the "retro" theme. From the barber seats littered with paraphernalia such as phonograph records, to the neon lights and murals around the place - you will feel as if you were truly in a different era.


Neon lights all around.

Even the razors were retro.

Counters had jukeboxes,

To add icing on the cake, Hollywood Barbers PH offers all their guests free popcorn made by an authentic popcorn machine, and served in a diner style counter.

My son enjoying free popcorn.

After absorbing the awesome background and taking pics, it was now time for our haircut. Me and my son loved the feel of their unique "cold towel" treatment. We then sat down and got serviced by polite and friendly barbers. Before and after pics below.

Throughout the whole process the background was filled with nostalgic rock, retro, and old school music. I seriously wanted to dance while having a trim.

The haircuts when finished were amazing. The barbers truly knew their craft and worked to perfection. Not only will you enjoy the vibe and place, you will also appreciate the attention and detail that they give every customer.

Professional 100% legit haircut! I looked younger.

If you live in the Metro and are looking for a great barbershop, you should definitely check out Hollywood Barbers PH in Sampaloc Manila.

Will definitely visit once more.

Hollywood Barbers PH, is truly one of the "must try and see experiences" in Manila. The place is truly worth the travel, and the haircut is superb.

For those of you who would like to book and visit, check out their Facebook Page:

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