How to be a good call center agent in the Philippines?

It's easy to get a job in a call center in the Philippines, but it's hard to succeed as a call center employee. As a call center dad blogger, there were many challenges that I had to go through to get to where I currently am.

I would like to share some good practices and call center survival tips you should know before you enter the world of customer service. Will also give some insights on free call center trainings.

You first need to understand what are the Roles of a Call Center Agent in the Philippines.

Call centers jobs in the Philippines provide live support to customers who have questions or need help with products and services. There are some important differences between inbound and outbound call centers:

  • Inbound call centers are focused on providing information to customers through phone, email, or chat. For example, if you're looking for information about how to use your phone service (such as changing your plan), this is likely an inbound call center.

  • Outbound call centers create calls that go directly to potential clients instead of waiting for them to contact you first. For example, if you want people in your city who own small businesses to buy advertising space from you and haven't reached out yet via another channel like social media or email marketing then an outbound team would be best suited for making cold calls as they specialize in reaching new prospects via telephone calls rather than emails sent out indiscriminately every day across multiple industries at once like most other types of PBX systems do today."

Call Center soft skills

Soft skills are those personal qualities and characteristics that are not directly related to the job itself. They’re used to get the job done, but they may not be as obvious in their function as hard skills. Some examples of soft skills include:

  • Adaptability - being able to change how you act or think depending on what's going on around you

  • Critical Thinking - figuring out how things work by looking at them critically, rather than just trying things randomly until they work

  • Emotional Intelligence – understanding other people’s emotions and being able to manage your own emotions well enough so that they don't get in the way of getting things don

Develop good communication skills

There are a number of skills that are important in any call center job. One of the most important is communication skills - which is a set of abilities that help you communicate effectively. Communication skills can benefit both you and your colleagues, as well as the customers you serve. As a call center dad, I can attest to communication being the top skill needed for this role.

When communicating, it's important to remember that there are two sides to every conversation: yours and theirs. You need to understand what each person is saying, but also make sure that they understand what you're saying before moving on to other things.

Communication involves:

  • Understanding yourself – Being able to identify your emotions and the reasons for them will allow you to control them better when dealing with others or during stressful situations at work (and life in general).

Read a lot about customer service

Being a call center agent in the Philippines is a tough job. You need to be resilient and read about customer service tasks. Be sure to read customer service blogs and books, as well as articles and news about the subject. There are also many videos in YouTube about call center survival and how to adapt.

Listen to call center calls in YouTube

Listening to calls and reviews is an important part of call center training in the Philippines. When you listen to calls, you learn how to talk with customers and handle difficult situations. You also learn about the types of questions people ask, which helps you improve your own knowledge base and skills.


TESDA now offers online call center training courses for free for Filipino Call Center Agents. If you want to learn and equip yourself for the call center industry - this is the perfect resource to help you.


What’s great about these tips is that they are easy to do and don’t cost you anything. So, go ahead and start working on them right away. As you can see, by following these tips, you will have a better chance of getting a call center job. However, you also need to be prepared for the interview and make sure you have all the required documents ready so that everything runs smoothly on your appointment date.

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