Pass Call Center Interviews in the Philippines.


Working in a call center in the Philippines can truly be challenging but it is definitely rewarding.  As they say:  To whom much is given, much is required.  Therefore, if you are someone who have big dreams and aims high but also love to connect with people, this is definitely the job for you.  Much more so, if you are someone who finds joy in helping others or possess what they call a servant’s heart.   This is something that I can vouch for as a Call Center Dad.

Learn English and Grammar as a first step

Now that you’ve made up your mind that this is exactly the job that you wanted to do --- it’s time to get yourself ready.  As they say, to win any battle, preparation is the key.  Now, the very first thing you need to do is to brush up on your English and grammar skills.  

Start with an English assessment

As a call center dad, I have used YouTube as my primary source of English lessons. You also can take English assessment exams online for free just by simply Googling it. So start by taking free English tests which are available on the net.  This will help you know what English skill level you currently have and provide you with suggestions or even opportunities on how to upgrade your skill.  

 Learn basic English grammar rules.

Call center dads like me have been out of school for a while, this is why I have forgotten the basic parts of speech. If you are opting to go for a Call Center career in the Philippines, you should start learning the basics.

Make sure that you look up and review grammar rules for things that needed some clarification.  Your starting point will very much depend on where you are currently right now with respect to your English skills.  If you’ve been out of school for quite a time or you attended a school wherein English is not the medium of instruction, you don’t have to be discouraged.  It is never too late to learn.  You just need to put your whole heart, determination and best effort into it.  

Use the available materials on the web. Start by knowing the basic grammar rules like agreement of subject & predicate – that is, when to use the singular and the plural form of the verb.  Also, you need to use the correct tense of the verb based on when the action took place.  Once you know the rules, you have to make sure that you properly apply them to ensure proper communication.  Likewise, knowing the rules gives you confidence in using the language and using it more efficiently.  Then you’re well on your way to success.

Practice speaking in English 

The next thing to do is to practice conversing in English with a friend that you feel comfortable with until you gain enough self-confidence. A call center dad like me uses English at home. It's a bit funny, but if your goal is to prepare yourself to get a job, then your family should support you.  As they say:  Practice makes perfect.  Also, “Use it, or Lose it.”  Therefore, make it a practice to use the English language at every opportunity you get until you feel comfortable using it.

Do I need to speak perfect English? 

Passing the interview does not really require that you speak perfect English.  What is really important is that you are able to carry on a conversation with confidence and effectively get your message across.  That is, your listener understands exactly what you were saying.  However, it really is a big plus factor if you are able to strictly apply the grammar rules.  Therefore, to get yourself prepared, it is truly necessary that you know the correct grammar rules.  

While it is true that even native English speakers make slip ups every now and then, observing the correct grammar rules may be a factor when you are trying to pass an interview.  As they say, practice makes perfect. 

Practice speaking and writing in English everyday.

Mastering something requires constant practice. The same applies to English, if you want to pass that interview, you need to practice daily. That is why, before embarking on an actual interview, I suggest that you practice conversing in English with another friend or someone who, like you, is interested to work in a call center.  That way, you can learn from each other and also make the experience a bit more fun.  

Once you feel confident expressing your thoughts in English, then you are ready to embark on an actual interview.  But overall, one big factor is that you are able to clearly express yourself with confidence and also, effectively get your thoughts across.  That is, your listener understood exactly what you wanted to say.  Also, make sure to focus on the question of the interviewer so that you can provide the needed response or whatever you think the interviewer wanted to hear from you.  

Furthermore, it is also necessary that your response shows some signs of compassion towards others.  Lastly, you must bear in mind that working in a call center is not just a job but rather, an opportunity to help someone.

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