Call Center Agents and Chowking.

For call center agents like me, Chowking has always been one of our go-to fastfood. Not only does it satisfy your cravings for Chinese food - the prices and serving of food is perfect for anybody on a call center paycheck. The stores are also usually open for 24 hours - which makes it a perfect place for the call center agents who work during the night. 

What is Chowking?

Chowking is a restaurant that serves local cuisine in the Philippines. It has a number of branches across the country, but it is best known for its affordable Chinese food. Chowking specializes in noodle soups, dim sum, and rice bowls topped with various Chinese culinary favorites. Chowking also offers a variety of Filipino desserts and drinks. They are known for their halo-halo and asado siopao which made a stir for its affordable price and awesome taste.

The best Asado Siopao in the Philippines?

I have asked many call center agents in the Philippines, and when the question is all about "the best asado siopao" the word Chowking always comes to play. I was a bit curious since I was not really a fan of siopao, so I had to try and see if the claim was legitimate or just some hype. 

I already know thatthere are many varieties of siopao, such as steamed, fried, and toasted. That is why I had to see what was so "special" with Chowking's asado siopao.

When I tried Chowking's asado siopao, I was immediately convinced that this indeed was the best siopao I have ever tasted. The sweetness of the bun and the tangy-salty asado sauce worked in perfect harmony and tickled my tastebuds. I was able to finish one siopao in a few minutes and wanted more. However, since most call centers only had 15-minute breaks, then the siopao was the perfect snack.

Lomi is Love.

Another Chowking personal favorite is their lomi. Whenever I had my call center breaks in the wee hours of the morning, I always crave for something warm to freshen up my soul and stomach. I love how the Chowking lomi has chunky noodles, a thick and tasty sauce, and has this warmth that spreads throughout with every sip. Chowking's lomi is also packed with meat, such as pork and squid balls which adds more taste. This is such a heavenly meal for any call center agent.

Treating myself to Lauriat    

Lauriat is a Chinese term for an "elaborate Chinese banquet". When it's payday and I want to treat myself -- me and my call center buddies go to Chowking and order the Chowking lauriat. The dish has rice, pancit, siomai, buchi, and your choice of chicken, pork, or lumpiang shanghai. The lauriat is perfect for any celebration, or as a take home meal during payday.

Chowking affordable Halo-Halo


Lastly, the call center fan favorite from Chowking is the famous Chowking Halo-Halo with Ice Cream. When it comes to hot nights, the usual comfort food that call center agents will suggest is this dessert.

We Filipino's love halo halo which fill us with nostalgic memories of our childhood and hometowns. Since the call center environment is a diverse one, with most agents coming from provinces -- Chowking's Halo-Halo is the perfect dessert for any call center agent. 

Chowking's halo-halo is filled with beans, nata de coco, jelly, milk, and leche flan -- then topped with ube ice cream. This is the perfect treat to de-stress and reward yourself after a long and tiring call center shift.

Chowking and Call Center Agents

Chowking with their 24-hour store hours, the affordable prices, and the diverse and yummy food choices, make it an ideal fast food restaurant for call center agents. When you ask any call center agent what their opinion is on Chowking, they would say that this affordable restaurant is a great for anyone looking for affordable Chinese food. For its price range, it actually is the best place to get Chinese food for call center agents. 

The warm soups, the rice meals, and the yummy desserts, is truly perfect for those working in BPOs. Chowking also has delivery via Grab, Food Panda, and Lalamove.

So if you are a call center agent and you need ideas on where to eat next, then give Chowking a try!

*all images were grabbed from Chowking's website.

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