I am a self proclaimed call center veteran/mountain climbing addict. 


Whenever I can take a leave from my busy work as a call center agent, I find myself at the top of a mountain. Mountain peaks are happy places for me -- the breathtaking views, the serene sound of nature, and the freedom of yelling whatever I want (may it be profanities or off-key tunes), gives me joy. There is just something magical about climbing -- and you have to experience it to understand it.

Call center dads like me, can tell you that mountain climbing is one of the best activities to do -- if you're looking for an adrenaline rush, a mental boost or relaxation in general. This is why for call center team buildings or call center activities, I really recommend the experience of mountain climbing.

One climbing enthusiast that I follow is Michael Oyco. His blog, (Michael's Hut) -  has tons of information about lifestyle, travels, and amazing food finds -- plus awesome resources related to mountain climbing.

Fellow blogger and adventurer Michael Oyco

Benefits of climbing for call center agents.


Call center agents are known as the "unhealthy bunch". We usually slave away in front of computers eating junk food and sweets. Most call center agents when injured, bleed coffee instead of actual blood.

That is why mountain climbing is a good activity for call center agents. It is a perfect excuse to bring that zombie agent outdoors to experience actual exercise. Climbing requires physical exertion — it is hard work! Much like getting to know a new process, or handling an irate caller -- mountain climbing requires endurance, strength, and flexibility.

New scenery.

Call center agents usually fall into the trap of routine. Since they usually work during the night, the goal is to get to the office without being mugged or murdered. There is not much time for a walk through the park.

When call center agents go climbing, the terrain is different, and once you reach the summit and see the view below - it is simply breathtaking and something that you will remember for years.

Extreme relaxation.

Call center work is very stressful. Mountain climbing is a surefire way to relax by being with nature. The whole experience of getting away from computers, irate callers, flirtatious colleagues, and the overall hustle and bustle of the city life refreshes the soul.

Mental boost.

Climbing a mountain can be an excellent way to clear your head. When you're on the mountain, you don't need to worry about calls, missed metrics, and anything else. You have two tasks at hand: climbing the mountain, and not dying. Climbing is all about focusing on what's in front of you and being in the moment, so there's no time for worrying about anything else that might be stressing you out in life.

Gives an adrenaline rush.

Mountain climbing gives an adrenaline rush. If it's your first time to climb and you see the path in front of you, you will feel some level of excitement that just gives a natural high. It is a feeling that gives great joy -- something to recharge you before you go back to work.

Spend time with fellow call center agents.

When you are out climbing mountains with your fellow call center agents, it can be an opportunity to bond with them in a way that is unique and special. Not only that, but mountain climbing can also help build up trust and confidence in each other as well. You often need to rely on your colleagues for help (especially if you are weak and puny). This will help your dynamics in the office and should help you work better together.

What are the best spots to climb in the Philippines?

  • Mr. Parawagan
  • Mt. Mapalad
  • Mr. Daraitan
  • Mt. Maynuba
  • Mt. Samat
  • Mt. Binacayan
  • Mt. Maculot
  • Mt. Hapunag

For a list and guide of Mountains to climb and actual reviews, see section here:

So for that next call center team building venue, try climbing a mountain. It is the perfect way to spend that day off with your fellow call center agents. You will be amazed at how enjoyable it is and will probably look forward to doing it again.

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