Best Parenting Blogs in the Philippines to follow this 2024: Go-To Resources for Smart and Modern Parenting

Parenting Blogs in the Philippines that you should follow this 2024. Your Go-To Resources for Smart and Modern Parenting

Navigating the complexities of parenting can be a daunting task, but thankfully, the internet is brimming with resources to help Filipino parents. From practical tips to heartfelt stories, these parenting blogs offer valuable insights and a sense of community. Here’s a roundup of some of the top parenting blogs in the Philippines, including Smart Parenting, The Asian Parent Philippines, Modern Parenting, and more.

1. Smart Parenting

Smart Parenting is a leading resource for Filipino parents, offering expert advice on a wide range of topics. From pregnancy and newborn care to toddler tantrums and school-age challenges, Smart Parenting covers it all. The website features articles written by parenting experts, medical professionals, and experienced moms and dads. With its comprehensive approach, Smart Parenting is a must-visit for practical and reliable parenting tips.

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2. The Asian Parent Philippines

The Asian Parent Philippines is part of a larger network that spans across Asia, providing culturally relevant advice and information. This blog focuses on every stage of parenthood, from pre-conception to early childhood and beyond. The Asian Parent Philippines features articles on health, education, and family activities, as well as a vibrant community of parents sharing their experiences. It’s an excellent resource for modern Filipino parents looking for both local and regional perspectives.

3. Modern Parenting

Modern Parenting is a fresh and contemporary resource for Filipino families. It covers a wide range of topics, including parenting tips, lifestyle, wellness, and inspirational stories from celebrity parents and influencers. Modern Parenting aims to empower today’s parents with the latest trends and practical advice, all while celebrating the diverse experiences of Filipino families. Its sleek design and engaging content make it a standout among parenting blogs.4. Mommy Fleur

4. Mommy Mundo

Founded by Janice Villanueva, Mommy Mundo is more than just a blog; it's a community. Mommy Mundo offers a wealth of resources, from parenting articles and expert advice to events and support groups. The blog covers all aspects of parenting, including pregnancy, child development, health, and wellness. It’s an invaluable resource for Filipino parents looking for support and information throughout their parenting journey.

5. Chronicles of a Nursing Mom

Jenny Ong’s blog, Chronicles of a Nursing Mom, is dedicated to breastfeeding, parenting, and advocacy. Jenny, a breastfeeding advocate and lawyer, offers valuable insights and support for nursing mothers. Her blog covers breastfeeding challenges, parenting tips, and family life, aiming to empower moms in their breastfeeding journey and beyond.

6. Dad on the Move

Dad On The Move is a dynamic blog that chronicles the adventures of a Filipino dad who masterfully balances parenting and travel. Through the engaging narratives of Ivan Jose, the blog offers a unique perspective on fatherhood, family trips, and the joys and challenges of raising children on the go. Whether he's exploring new destinations or sharing insightful parenting tips on how to be grateful, Dad On The Move inspires fellow parents to embrace the journey of life with their kids. This blog is a must-read for those seeking practical advice and inspiration for combining family life with a love for travel.

7. Team Uy Travels


Team Uy Travels is a vibrant family travel blog that showcases the adventures of the Uy family. With a passion for exploring new destinations together, the blog is filled with captivating stories, practical travel tips, and stunning photography. Team Uy Travels offers insights into family-friendly destinations, travel itineraries, food for the family, and tips for traveling with kids, all while highlighting the joys and challenges of exploring life as a family. Follow their journey for inspiration and guidance on making unforgettable travel memories with your loved ones.


These amazing parenting blogs in the Philippines offer a treasure trove of information, inspiration, and community support for Filipino parents. Whether you’re looking for expert advice, relatable stories, or practical tips, these blogs have something for everyone. Dive into these resources and join the vibrant community of parents navigating the beautiful journey of raising a family in the Philippines.

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