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Dads have always been part of the online parenting community, but a new generation of dads is taking the role to a new level. Often dubbed "dad bloggers," these dads use Instagram, YouTube, and other social media platforms to share tips, tricks, and tidbits about life as a father as they celebrate the joys and challenges of raising kids. 

I myself have been blogging for years as a hobby, and once I became a Dad, I then switched my niche to writing about my adventures as a Dad Blogger in the Philippines and a Dad Influencer. I make reviews for parents and write about being a "hands-on dad".

Why I Became a Dad Blogger in the Philippines.

I realized that the rise of the internet has had a profound impact on communications around the world. Nowhere is this more evident than in the way fathers interact with each other to discuss parenting issues and share solutions to common problems. Gone were the days when the "Padre de Pamilya" was expected to shoulder all the burden by himself and do one duty which was to provide. 

With social media, fathers can now easily connect with others and are now expected to share the emotional side of parenting as well.  


But being a Dad Blogger and a Dad Influencer did not start off as my idea. Three dads in the Philippines started the "modern father" mindset.

JR, Kyle & Bryce

I got inspiration from three daddies, JR Santiago, Kyle Lasalita, and Bryce Larrosa, who took up the challenge of breaking the stigma of traditional parenting with the catchphrase of "involved fathers = happier children" and made their advocacy known on Philippine Social Media. In 2015, the Dadvocacy community was founded with the goal of helping more dads be more involved parents.

Dadvocacy Community - promoting the mindset of involved Fathers

Many other dad bloggers who believed that father's do not simply take the back seat in parenting joined this advocacy and continued to write about the life of modern day Dads and how being involved in their kids lives are possible.

Over my Dad Body - a dad blog about a Dad spending time with his son and Family.   

Daddy Doodle Doo - A Dad trying to be the best daddy for his daughters, and an ideal partner to his wife.

Dad on the Move Blog - sharing stories about travels, food, and involved parenting.

These are the dad blogs in the Philippines.

The Rise of Philippine Dad Influencers 

Parenting is a huge responsibility, and it's not always easy. But it can be more manageable when you know you're not alone. And right now, there are more dads than ever who are sharing their parenting stories on the internet

More and more modern Dads are currently showing that they can be just as involved as mothers, and can be a visible and strong presence in families. There are now many content creators who aim to share insights on how fun it is to raise a family -- while sharing marriage and parenting tips; reviewing products for the home, and discussing activities to bond with the kids.

One such community is dadblogsph, a group of active dad influencers and dad bloggers in the Philippines who share their lives on social media as professionals and family men. 



These dad bloggers give marriage, parenting, and product advice based on their own personal experiences. They break traditional 'dadhood', and share stories on the best diaper brand; how to calm kids down; how to cook the best sinigang; and the best places to take their wives out on a date -- all these while continuing to provide and be the examples and leaders of their own families. 

Some dad bloggers meet up for fun.

They share the same goal --to show that modern dads do exist and that all it takes is a decision to be one.


Some Dad Influencers in the Philippines

More and more dads nowadays are realizing that being a vulnerable and loving dad is not a sign of weakness; rather, it shows your kids that you care enough about them to put yourself out there. So if you need some inspiration on how to handle your own parenting adventures, look up these Dad Bloggers and Influencers -- you will then realize that you are not alone in your journey.

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