Why Dads need to travel with their Families

Dads are expected to provide for their families, and that includes providing memorable experiences on trips.

When you ask any dad why they need to work, they often mention the same things. They need to work to provide a home, food, and basic necessities for their wife and kids. However, Dad Bloggers in the Philippines like me to promote a new mindset for Filipino dads -- and that is that we must allocate a budget for Travel.

As a Dad Influencer in the Philippines, I often tell other dads to set aside a part of their salaries just to focus on travel. Of course, this is only if there is enough finances to cover travel costs. The priority is to provide basic needs, but traveling and vacations should be a close second.

And I do not mean just any family vacation. The family vacation I am talking about is the kind of trip where everyone gathers around a campfire and reminisces about how much fun they had together as a family while they roast marshmallows (or whatever). You know what I mean? The kind of trip where you bond with your kids over something other than Minecraft or Fortnite? Yeah, those kinds of trips are important too--but we're talking about real bonding here.

Here are some realities of why we should travel with our families.

Dads are fun to travel with.

Dads are good at making sure everyone has a great time-- we usually know all the best places to go for sightseeing or shopping or whatever else we want to do on vacation. Dads tend to have good ideas to make trips fun, but we also share those ideas openly which means everyone gets involved no matter what age they are.

Dads can be the best guides for their kids.

As you know, dads are the best at making sure everyone has a great time. They're good at building sandcastles and telling jokes in restaurants. But what you might not realize is that they can also be the best guides for their kids--and not just because they know how to get around town without getting lost!

Dads have years of experience exploring new places with their own parents, so they know how to keep things interesting without going overboard or overwhelming your child with too much information (or worse: silence). Plus, dads will always make sure everyone gets home safely after an adventure together--and that's something we should all appreciate!

Traveling with Family is always a good idea

It's a great way to teach kids about the world and give them a sense of perspective. They'll learn that there are many different ways to live, eat and play.

Dads are fun to travel with because they're often willing to try new things and enjoy doing so, which means your child will likely have an opportunity for adventure that he or she might not get at home (or from mom). Dad's willingness to explore also means he'll be able to impart some wisdom about what's going on around him--and maybe even help out with any potential problems!

As an added bonus: dads tend not only know how to read maps but also how best use them; they're more likely than moms (and certainly older siblings) not only know how get around but also where they're going; they can navigate foreign languages better than anyone else in your family.

Travel is a great way to teach kids about the world and give them a sense of perspective.

Traveling is a great way to teach kids about the world and give them a sense of perspective. Kids who have traveled have an advantage over their peers because they have seen and experienced more than most people in their age group.

The world is a big place, with many cultures and customs that are different from yours or mine. It's important for kids to see this diversity if we want them to grow up as tolerant adults who understand that there are many different ways of doing things, none of which are necessarily right or wrong--just different solutions based on different needs and preferences.

And that is why Dads really should encourage their families to start traveling. Traveling is not just an option, but a way to bond and make kids happy. It also gives a breather for your wife and helps them relax. 

So dads, start planning those trips with your family today!

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