DreamPlay Manila | City of Dreams Manila - Review 2023

DreamPlay Manila Review this 2023

Modern Dads like me, love to spend their time with their kids. That is why as a dad blogger in the Philippines, I am always on the lookout for kid-friendly facilities that are conveniently located around the metro. The place that I’ve always wanted to check out ever since it opened last 2015, is DreamPlay Manila. 

Fortunately, I got an invitation to visit the place, so I immediately grabbed the opportunity, and it turned out to be such an amazing experience, especially for my kids who had such a wonderful time. 

DreamPlay Manila is truly a unique and mesmerizing, interactive playground due to the fact that it is the only place in the Philippines that showcases characters from DreamWorks Movies, such as Shrek, Madagascar, Kung-fu Panda and many more.

How to get to Dream Play Manila?

DreamPlay is located inside the City of Dreams Manila complex. Hotel guests of City of Dreams Manila can actually visit Dream Play Manila right there within the complex. 

To get to the City of Dreams Manila, all you have to do is use your navigation app to locate "City of Dreams Manila" -- Entertainment City at the intersection of Macapagal and Aseana Avenue in Paranaque.

Dream Play Manila Ticket Prices as of 2023.

The following are the prices for Dream Play Manila tickets in the year 2023:

The Admission Fee per participant is 1500 Philippine Pesos (PHP) which allows you to experience and enjoy all the available attractions in the playground.

A non-participant ticket only costs 350 Philippine Pesos (PHP) — which lets you enter the premises but you are not allowed to participate in any activity.

Dream Play Manila Operating hours.

Dream Play Manila is open from 11 AM to 8 PM  - Wednesdays through Sundays.

What sort of Playground is Dream Play Manila?

Most Parenting blogs and other dad blogs will say that DreamPlay Manila is an interactive playground that caters to people of all ages who have a passion for 3D animations. The general consensus as well is that Dream Play is pricey or overrated and I kind of agree. But if you and your family enjoy films like Shrek, Madagascar, Kung Fu Panda or the like of these -– then DreamPlay Manila is definitely the place for you and your family.

Selfie with Po from Kung Fu Panda

DreamPlay set-up.

Dreamworks' established brands play a role in the park's educational and thought-provoking programming for children. There are activities such as rock climbing, and physical tests encouraged by Kung Fu Panda. How to Train Your Dragon encourages creativity with activities such as making your own dragons and then climbing large slides. You will be baking gingerbread cookies with Shrek after navigating through his house. Also, you will watch comedy scenes from Madagascar via a 4D theater.  

The whole idea of DreamPlay is to provide a unique set of activities that will truly make kids actively participate. Parenting and Dad bloggers like me surely approve.

My son during a coloring activity

Build your own boats

Madagascar style playground

My son loved climbing the How to Train your Dragon stairs.

Young kids can enjoy interactive story time with Madagascar characters.

Shrek's house is like a maze

Test your kid's courage and strength with these fun tasks.

Bake actual cookies with your kids

Why is DreamPlay worth it?

Most playgrounds are "kid-centric" -- where adults just have to watch and follow their children around as they enjoy the activities. However, the good thing about DreamPlay is that parents can actually play with their kids. The activities are designed so that parents can participate and bond with their kids as they tackle the different sets of activities. 

Some people claim it's a bit pricey since it involves a large amount of money.  However, the fact is that you can actually enjoy together whatever you paid for. For modern dad bloggers like me, DreamPlay is the perfect place to spend an afternoon bonding with your kids or even the whole family.  And lastly, let me add that there is also a restaurant inside DreamPlay where you and your family can eat together, enjoy and build precious memories.

Honest Review of DreamPlay Manila?

Dad bloggers in the Philippines like me who encourage hands-on parenting will truly recommend this playground. DreamPlay Manila is an excellent destination for families – there's real fun to be had here for everyone. Well, the price of admission may be a bit high – but it’s absolutely worth it.  Therefore, if you’re looking for a venue for a birthday or a special treat — DreamPlay can be a fascinating playground that both kids and parents can truly enjoy.

*all pictures are property of DreamPlay Manila

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  1. Nice neto. Pwede namin puntahan din to with the kids.

  2. Hi po sa 1k plus n admission fee n yon ung activities po b na ksma don is ung ktulad po ng pagbake, 4d theatre no additional fees na po? thankyou po. and sa non parti. pde nmn po sla pmsok and ma explore dn ung loob? like pde b nlang ipics ung kids kung nsa slides sla po? thankyou