10 Things that Husbands generally Hate about their Wives

Do you know what men hate about women? Here are some common issues that can ruin a marriage.

As a parenting and dad blogger in the Philippines, I have talked to several married men and asked them their opinion on what they generally do not like about women. 

1. Manipulative behavior

Men seek to be honored -- this is due to our male ego. Manipulative behavior is a form of major emotional abuse. This can include undermining the husband's authority in front of the kids and other family members, gaslighting (making him think he's crazy), refusing to talk about problems or issues, using money as an emotional weapon, making him feel guilty for spending time with friends instead of the wife, etc.

Take it from a Parenting Blogger in the Philippines -- You should give your man the respect that he deserves.

2. You are not open to compromise

If you’re a woman, it’s easy to think that your husband is being unreasonable. If he complains about the way you talk to him or accuses you of nagging him all the time, it can be easy to get defensive and think: “Who do they think they are?” But what if I told you that there is a very simple reason why your husband acts this way?

Men want to be listened to. Men want their opinions heard and respected by their partners. A man who feels like his partner doesn't respect his ideas will not only stop talking but start reacting defensively—and then things spiral out of control as each person digs in their heels even further during battle mode (which usually occurs when one party says something that really hurts). 

The key lies in a compromise between two people who love each other but may have different views on certain topics due to life experiences or upbringing (or sometimes because society has conditioned us differently!). When both partners understand each other's needs for understanding as well as a compromise from both sides - then there will be peace at home!

3. You don't understand the concept of male space

Dad bloggers like me need their own space, as with all men. It's important to understand this concept because it will help you keep your husband happy. If you make him feel like he doesn't have any privacy, or if you constantly follow him around and ask him questions, he might start feeling a little upset with you. He may even end up leaving the house for a few hours just so that he can be alone!

Men also don't like being interrupted when talking with other men—or when they're sitting in front of their televisions watching sports or something else that's important to them. When guys are at home on their own time after work is over for the day, it's important that wives leave them alone unless there's something really urgent going on.

Give your man some space. But make sure that he does his duty first as well.

4. You don't validate his opinions or ideas

A man needs to feel like you're listening to him, and that his opinions are valid. This can be difficult if you disagree with him or don't think his ideas are worthwhile.

The fastest way to destroy your relationship is for a woman to never compliment, appreciate, or acknowledge her husband.

5. You have unreasonable standards

Husbands don’t like it when you expect them to be perfect. They have their own flaws, and it can be difficult for them to put up with yours. They shouldn’t be expected to be perfect.

You are not a perfect woman and vice versa. The faster that you both understand that, the easier the relationship will be.

6. You are constantly nagging him about something

Nagging is a form of emotional abuse, and it can make the man feel like he is not being heard by you. He feels like he has been judged by you simply because he did not do anything wrong or failed to meet up with your expectations. The nagging wife might also be unhappy with her husband but just does not know how to express her feelings in an acceptable way so she takes out her frustrations on him through constant nagging.

Talk it out, do not nag. If the man does not listen, then you need to spell it out properly. Seek help if there is no progress, and I mean seek professional help - not from parenting bloggers.

7. You don't respect his feelings

Husbands want you to understand that they have feelings too. They don't like being criticized, so when you bring up their mistakes or accuse them of things they didn't do, it hurts their feelings and makes them angry. It's ok to give constructive and calm criticism, however, you must be respectful when you do it.

You also need to take time to ask how your husband is. Women have this tendency to ignore male emotions. Men are needy as well and need emotional support and validation, even if we will never admit it.

8. You give more importance to your career/kids.

Husbands don't like it when wives put their careers before them. They want to feel important to their wives, so if she's spending all her time at work and not enough time with her husband, then he will get upset about that. 

Some women also make the kids their world and often forget that their first commitment is to their husbands. Remember that a healthy marriage will do wonders for your children. 

9. Always complaining about things.

Men have the desire to make women happy. If the guy is doing his best, and the wife still does nothing but complain - or keeps on longing for more things, then the man's ego gets insulted. The man feels incapable and incomplete, and will usually spiral down to a more negative behavior.

Try to be more appreciative of what you currently have, praise your husband, and tell them that you trust them to do amazing things for your family - watch the difference.

10. They want you to respect their independence and individuality

Men want to be treated as individuals. They do not want to be treated like children, nor do they want a wife who acts like a mother. Every single responsible man on the planet hates it if their wife controls them. So make sure that you talk properly and set expectations from the start - then, trust your man to do it. 

Take it from this Dad Blogger, as long as men are respected, and they are happy with being equals within the relationship (or at least attempting equality), and they will strive and thrive more.


It’s important to remember that your relationship is unique and what works for some couples may not work for others. Some items on this list may be irrelevant to your marriage. However, this dad blog/parenting blog in the Philippines just wants to share some insight to the male mind. 

Hope this helps!

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