As an involved father and a dad blogger in the Philippines, I have had the opportunity to witness some of the most important moments in my child's life. From their first steps and giggles to their first day of school, it's hard for me not to feel like being a dad is one of the greatest things on Earth. However, as much as I love being a dad, there are times when it can be difficult too.

Even as a Dad Blogger, I often ask myself if I am doing a good job. Of course, there is no such thing as a perfect parent, but as long as we are doing our best -- then we should be fine.

If you're feeling overwhelmed with raising your children or just want some advice from a dad blogger in the Philippines who has been there before (and done that), then this blog post is for you! Here are some simple tips on how to be a good dad.

Spend time playing with your kids.

No matter how tired, or busy, always remember that playtime is the most important thing for children. It's how they learn, how they develop, and how they connect with their parents. Play is also what helps them learn to trust their parents and build a strong relationship with them.

Children need a lot of time to play alone, but playing with dad can be just as fun. Playing together is an important way for fathers to bond with their children (and vice versa), but it can also help you understand your child better.

So set aside an hour or two every week to just spend time with your kids.

Read to your kids

Read. Reading is a great way to spend time with your kids and can be an important family activity that you do together. You can read them a story, or they can read it to you. This will help them with their reading skills, develop their listening skills, and make for some memorable bonding moments as well.

You can also spend time reading the Bible to them, or other books that can teach them about how to be good in general. You will be surprised that you will actually learn something yourself by reading stories for kids.

Be active with your kids.

It's important to encourage your children to be active. If they do it, they'll be healthier and happier. Here are some ways you can get them started:

  • Take the kids outside and play a game of tag or catch.

  • Go on an evening walk after dinner.

  • Start a family bike ride on the weekends, or join one if there's one in town that meets your needs/desires (e.g., weekly rides with other families).

I agree that busy dads like us (especially Dad bloggers), we prefer to rest on weekends. However, always remember that the time you invest in your kids today will always be something you reap in the future. Make sacrifices just to spend time with them.

Be present in their lives.

Being present is a big part of being a good dad. Actually, it’s the most important part. Too often, dads are distracted by other things like their phones or laptop—or even another family member or friend who walks into the room. This can lead to your kids not getting the attention they need from you.

Remember, that if your kids have to consistently beg for your attention - they will eventually not need it after some time.

Be a role model.

As a father, you have an incredible opportunity to be a role model in your child's life. You have the power to show them how to be a good person, how to be a good citizen, and what it means to work hard for something.

Parenting bloggers and parenting blogs always say that you teach kids by your actions. If you want them to treat their family with respect and kindness then you need to do the same; if you want them not to litter in public places then don't throw trash on the ground yourself; if you want them not to make fun of others because they look different than us then don't make fun of other people yourself; if we want our children to develop good friendships, then show them examples by showing them how good people act.

Talk about feelings and listen to your kids.

Talk about your feelings. Kids learn a lot by watching you, so when you feel sad or angry, tell them how you are feeling and why. If you lost control and shouted at them, then apologize and explain why.

Be a good listener—and give them time to talk! Our children need our attention more than anything else we can give them; so even though it might be hard sometimes because we have busy lives ourselves, try not to do other things while spending time with your kids—make sure they know they've got your full focus while they're talking!

Respect mom as an equal parent, and partner as well.

The way you show respect to your wife/partner is the same way you show respect to your children. If they feel like they are valued, it will make them love themselves.

A great way to show this respect is by showing her appreciation for what she does for the family. Remember that she's the one who takes care of the house, takes care of everything at home, and lets you be able to go out there and do what you do for a living or whatever it may be. So make sure that every single day when she walks through that door from work or wherever she's been all day long-- appreciate her.

Kids seeing their dads respecting their wives become happy and secure.

Teach your kids to survive in this world.

As a dad, it is your job to make sure your kids are trained to be great adults. You need to teach them and show them to do good and be confident in themselves. Teach them sports, teach them how to be strong, teach them to be active, teach them to think, and teach them to be kind.

You need to teach them that the world is not perfect and that they need to be strong to survive.

Being a good dad is not about being perfect, being rich, or having all the answers—being a good dad is about doing your best, and putting your kids and family first before yourself.

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