Thursday, May 21, 2015


As I have mentioned in my About me post, I managed to get a house through a Pag-Ibig hosing loan while being a Call Center Agent.

After investing some years in the Call Center Industry, you should be roughly making about 15-20k. Impossible as it may seem, this should be enough to start and pursue your dream of owning your own house.

I have already given lots of tips about saving money - and this is the first step you should take.  If you have no discipline and no goal, then you will end up spending all your money.  Think long term, and start investing on your future.

NOTE:  You must first be eligible for a Pag-Ibig housing Loan.  See this link for eligibility.

1)  Start looking!

Use the smartest entity in the world (GOOGLE) and look for "Cheap Rent to Own Houses Pag-Ibig" you should be given links to OLX, Facebook, and other brokers that offer rent to own housing.  Start reading through the ads and get the dream started.

"Umpisahan sa isang pangarap..."

2.  Note the Monthly Price.

As you read through the ads, you should note the monthly fee or equity (what you pay per month), the Downpayment Price, and the reservation fee.  There are lots of properties that have 3-5k monthly fees.

Then get a piece of paper and plan out how much you spend in a month and see the best price that fits your salary.  You may have to eat packed lunches moving forward, but at least you have a goal.

3.  Location, Location, Location.

Most cheap rent to own houses are located in San Mateo Rizal, Antipolo, Laguna, Cavite.  So try to see what location suits you best.  YES these places are far, but think about the future -- there will come a time when transportation to these places will be easier.  Ask your colleagues and Friends who already come from these places how much their daily fare costs, and what they ride to work.  Place all these factors into your consideration.

4.  Contact the Brokers for tripping sessions.

All the Ads for houses should have the broker's contact numbers - the tripping should be Free. Contact these brokers, and schedule a tripping session.  This way you will actually see the location and the actual setup of your future home.

WARNING:  Most brokers will convince you to reserve on the spot -- do not be taken in by sales talk.  Brokers aim to sell, but buying a house will affect your future. so use your brain.

Ask your broker questions as well, make sure you do not leave the place without understanding everything.

"Walang manloloko kung walang magpapaloko..."

5.  Know your Developer

Before paying that reservation fee, make sure that the Developer is a trusted one.  Search for old projects and try to talk to people who already live in their established communities.  Again, do not easily get lured in by the broker's sales talk - always be a skeptic.

6.  Pay and plan for the fees.

Once you find a home you would like to live in, then its time to see if buying this is feasible.

- Make a Monthly budget and cut back on expenses
- Save what you can, you may have to sacrifice certain things to achieve your dream
- Compute your daily fare once you start living in your new home, see if your salary evens this out
- Make a plan on who will live in the house you bought
- Factor in the renovation and other fees needed (make sure you clarify this with your broker as well)

7.  Attend the Pag-ibig seminar and get the loan approved

Once you are done with the reservation fees, and the downpayment, and the house is actually constructed, then you can proceed with the Pag-Ibig seminar.  Contact your broker on when you will be scheduled.  You have to prepare the documents beforehand which your broker should have discussed already.

Once you attend the pag-ibig session, the loan will then be released to you.



Bottom line, getting a new home is not an easy task, sacrifices have to be made, and you need discipline and planning.  However, countless numbers of us have already done it, and we are normal call center agents with families and responsibilities as well.  If we can do it, then so can you!

Do share more tips on getting your own home...


  1. Salamat at nainspire ako magkabahay o mag aim magkabahay

  2. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share

  3. Your blog contains very important and useful information. I just want to say Thanks to you because it saved my a lot of time. Keep on sharing such kind of information.

  4. Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.

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  6. Good point! We are planning to buy a house thru pag-ibig loan. We saw a real estate that offering house and lot in Pampanga that can be pay thru pag-ibig. And they will process our loan which is truly convenient.

  7. Very well said..I am now planning of getting a house for my family since I am a regular employee of a call center. As a newbie getting a house of my own I look for a location which is tactically convenient not only for me but for my family. My future house is just a walking distance away from an elementary school which is good for my niece, which is just 3 years old. There's a lot of on going construction of malls and supermarket. The high school location is just 10 minutes away and my work place is just 15 minutes away on it. I also consider the possible location of my future house. Sinabihan ko kaagad yong broker na gusto ko sa malapit sa gate at sa may kanto dapat. He agree and assure me of that. Naisip ko na since malapit na ang December at maraming inaasahang pera why not invest it in a house not on the high end phone. LOL :)

  8. With regards to attending the seminar about loaning a house at Pag ibig, how long do you think it will take to get your loan approved? I've eyeing this affordable house and lot in Cavite and will definitely use these tips to my advantage. Thanks!

    1. As soon as you pay the downpayment and the house is actually built - the process should be within a month.

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