I have written in my previous posts on how one should aim to get a college degree while working in a call center.  I also mentioned that there were several call center companies that help undergraduate Filipinos get a shot at education.

A friend of mine who works at Telus recently told me how his company implemented a “study while you work program”.  Call center agents can sign up for 4 year courses that they take within Telus itself.  The classes take 3-4 hours a day and will be conducted before or after their shifts.  The tuition is partly subsidized by Telus, and is payable through Salary deduction. 

The end result = an actual college diploma.

I was a bit touched as I listened to this story – it is not the responsibility of any company to encourage employees to get an education, and Telus goes way beyond the extra mile to help hundreds of Filipino’s get a shot at college.  I had to work very hard to get my degree when I enrolled at a distance education class, and I would have grabbed an opportunity like this.

So I strongly encourage those Pinoy undergraduates – do not give up your dream!  Getting a college degree is something attainable if you work hard and plan properly.  We have done it, and so can you.

Like Telus, there are lots of pretty decent call centers out there that really take time to invest in their employees.  Think long-term and do not just work for the sake of salary - no matter how you desperately need the money.  The small sacrifices and decisions you make today will always affect your future.

I am not, nor am I planning to be affiliated with Telus in any way, so please do not misunderstand when I say:

Whoever you people are in Telus who came up with this educational thing – thank you, and may this world have more people like you!

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