In this post, CCSP contributor Jeff shares his investment ideas.  A former Call Center agent turned entrepreneur, who works with MoneyMaxPH.  Through hard work and proper financial sense, he has managed to get his own Bar and Restaurant.

If he could do it, so can you!  Allow him to share his tips.

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Here are tips urging call center agents to not waste the money they’re earning and instead, put their hard-earned cash to good use.

1.  Stock Market

You’re probably thinking “Whaaaat? But only millionaires get rich on the stock market!” Uh, not true. Even if you set aside just PHP 2000 a month to invest* in stocks, you can see surprisingly good returns for your money.

*Invest, not trade. There’s a big difference between the two.

You’re guaranteed to see tons of stock market guides for newbies on the Internet. A common piece of advice you’ll come across is having a diverse and well-researched portfolio made up of stocks from different companies. Once you’re confident enough, you can expand your portfolio to include bonds, commodities, forex. and other investment instruments.

2.  Mutual Funds

If investing in the stock market is too scary or complicated for you, you can let somebody else do the hard work by putting your money in a mutual fund instead. A mutual fund is a collection of money from you and lots of other investors. A fund manager (either a single person or a company) then takes care of that money by investing it in stocks, bonds or both.

Mutual funds are one of the most popular investment options for beginners. By investing through a mutual fund, you can lessen the risk for yourself while still earning good returns if your fund manager’s investment decisions are successful. Again, do your research and make sure you place your money in the right fund.

3.  Real Estate

Thinking of buying your own condo unit to live in? Why not buy two and make some extra cash along the way? A lot of people make money from real estate by investing in a condo unit (or several), then either renting out or reselling the unit/s for a profit.

When investing in real estate, location is key. Start your search in high-demand areas like those near the Makati Central Business District. Go for properties by established developers with a good reputation, and look for units that are both affordable and well-maintained. If you need help financing a real estate purchase, get help from the government by applying for a PAG-IBIG home loan.


Think investing your money is too risky? Instead of having second thoughts, revisit your college economics classes and think about your earnings in terms of opportunity cost. By splurging on that fancy new iPhone now, you lose the opportunity to put that money in a business or mutual fund where you could have earned some extra dough in the future.

It also helps to remember that instead of letting your emotions dictate how you spend, use your head to make smarter budget decisions. Your cushy call center paycheck won’t last forever, so why not take the time to invest it now and give yourself some peace of mind?


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