In this post, CCSP contributor Jeff shares his investment ideas.  A former Call Center agent turned entrepreneur, who works with MoneyMaxPH.  Through hard work and proper financial sense, he has managed to get his own Bar and Restaurant.

If he could do it, so can you!  Allow him to share his tips.

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What lures countless Filipinos to the call center world is the promise of higher pay. As your salary increases, so too does your disposable income, a.k.a. more money for spending.

In my experience as a call center agent, I've often seen fellow agents spend their salaries on something nice for themselves, like a new pair of shoes, the latest mobile phone, or a meal at their favorite restaurant. I’m not sure if any of them manage to save some money for a rainy day, but somehow, I get the impression that a lot of them don’t.

In the beginning, I’m guilty as well of living paycheck-to-paycheck but it’s a good thing I was later on able to break away from this cycle. I pursued a business venture I’ve long been planning, which is to run a bar. It comes with its ups and downs but I don’t have any regrets because I’m doing something I am passionate about, music and well, making money.

I strongly urge call center agents to not waste the money they’re earning and instead, think for the longer term. Put your hard-earned cash to good use now. Here are some ways how:

1.  Insurance

A good insurance plan is one of the best long-term investments you can make. If you prefer things safe, this one is for you. Insurance comes with relatively smaller risks compared to investing on a business or stock. Plus the security of not having to blow off your savings in case of an unexpected turn of events.

You can buy insurance for your house, your car, and especially for your own health to save money when you get older. You don’t want your entire life savings wiped out just because of a single road accident or hospital stay.

I personally never thought that this is important until my sister’s operation. We had our family’s savings wiped and even got into debt. Now I know better.

Make sure you do your research first though. Before anything else, make sure to know the details of the policy you’re signing up for. Never settle for what was offered to you first, as many other deals can be better. Shop around and look for online resources on life insurance costs, compare car insurance policies, or check comprehensive health insurance offers for all kinds of medical emergencies.

2.  Side Businesses

Another way you can increase your savings is to start a small business or sideline for additional income. I went through a lot getting the required permits and certifications before I could set up my bar, but there are online platforms like oDesk offering an easy way for your to make some extra money without taking away from your regular duties.

You can also make money from your hobbies like writing, baking, or graphic design. All you need is dedication, some business capital, and killer time management skills.

I once had this TL (team leader) whom one day, just decided to put aside a little of what he’s earning to start a small business. He saved up enough and bought himself some kitchen supplies and a huge mountaineering backpack. Everyday he’d fill this very huge bag with packed lunch and merienda and sell them to people on the production floor for extra income. Now that was a better investment than a new pair of shoes.

3.  Franchising

Don’t have the time or know-how to start your own business? Why not be part of a bigger business as a franchisee? Try your hand at direct selling, or running a food kiosk, or driving other people around through a car-sharing service.

One upside to this is you’re buying into a business that someone else already made a formula for. Now, don’t get your hopes too high, just as any other business investment, it gives no guarantee. I personally tried this when I was working as a technical support agent. It was for a small siomai stall near a school. It wasn’t a success, but nevertheless it was my first try on an actual business, and the experience I gained more than made up for the money I lost.

Continued in Part 2...


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