Need a job asap?  Then the Call Center industry is your answer!

Pinoys apply in call centers due to the following reasons:

- Open to undergraduates

- Higher compensation
- No age limit
- No gender restrictions
- High workforce demand
Source: Kwentuhan sa Pantry

Sadly, some of my call center friends always have this story to tell about that "so-called call center" that was a nightmare -- such as:  the call center with weekly salary disputes; call centers with sexually immoral managers and people; call centers who do not pay taxes; call centers who treat employees like dirt…etc.etc.   

So to spare yourself from trauma, here are some tips to consider before you send in those resumes.

1) Check the Reputation

Go to and go to their call center thread -  which has multiple forums for every call center.

Read the opinions and the general comments of the people who currently work in that company.  You’ll gain a lot of insight in regard to the pros and cons that your target call center has to offer.  
But do exercise common sense when reading online content.  Be wary of the occasional basher who just needs to air up negative complaints wherever and whenever.  Try to read through the whole forums as well as the latest posts to see if the positive outweighs the negative.

2) Ask to be referred

Safest way to screen a call center’s reputations is to know someone working there, or who used to work there.  Tell your friends your intention of finding work in a call center and chances are that someone knows somebody who can refer you. 

3) Use the power of Social Networking Sites

Login to your Facebook / Twitter account, then update your status to :  

“Is _____  a good call center?  Can someone give me details please?”

Give it a week and someone is sure to respond, or at least direct you to someone who can answer.  

Pero kung wala kang friends sa Facebook…edi cyempre, wala ding sasagot sayo…

4) Google

Again, the smartest entity I know.

Research about the company you would like to apply for and use the news section of Google to gain more insight on your target call center’s reputation.

Any other tips come to mind?


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