“When you have an authentic friend at work, you have a support system right there,” -  Susan Shapiro Brash

Let me start off by saying that I have no idea who Susan Shapiro Brash is, but her quote is perfect for the next tip I am about to discuss.  Having Call Center office friends can make or break your call center life.  They can either pull you up or bring you down. 

So here are a some tips on finding call center friends.

1.  Friends are not the priority.

I have mentioned in my previous posts that you go to your office to work and not to make friends.  Prioritize work above everything else.

2.  Keep it Professional.

Regardless of how nice or great that co-worker is, remember that these are people who you only got to know during your training, or at the office itself.  You do not have a history together.  You do not know their personal life.  Keep the relationship professional.

"Wag na ikwento ang past mo na nag d-drugs ka, o mas ma-"kati" ka pa sa higad..."

3.  Avoid the gossips, and slanderers.

There are just co-workers who badmouth everyone in the office.  And as much fun as it is to know the latest office chikka, be wary of these people.  

"Baka ikaw naman ichismis bukas makalawa."

4.  Be sensible to attract sensible people.

If you want sensible friends, then show a sensible image as well.  You will attract the type of people you respect.

5.  Avoid the complainers and the lazy ones.

If you want to be promoted or you have a goal, then disassociate yourself from those who have a tendency to complain or those who are lazy.  Management will identify you with the known crowd that you stick with.

6.  Office-mates are competitors.

Face it, in a call center environment all your colleagues are your competitors.  Everyone is goal driven and your co-worker today may be your boss tomorrow.  As cynical as it may seem, do not get too attached, nor should you expect too much from office friends.  Work is always the priority.
Do note, that there are scenarios when you get to find genuine friends - so consider yourself lucky if you do.  But always remember, you should seek friends outside the office, the office is a place to earn money...period.

Do you have other tips on making office friends?

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