Uniqlo’s 2022 Fall/Winter Lifewear collection - The Perfect Fashion for Call Center Agents

Uniqlo just recently held its 2022 Fall/Winter Lifewear collection and it was such a delight and a special privilege to be able to witness this exquisite event.  As a call center dad, I was really so excited to see the newest and trendiest fashion for the cold “BER” months.  I’d say their collection is truly a must-have especially for Call Center Agents like me.  I surely believe Call Center Agents in the Philippines will be truly delighted to see all those collections and have some for themselves, especially since this industry is refuted to have offices with ultra-cold room temperature – mostly because their machineries are not suited to the kind of climate we generally have in the Philippines.  That is precisely the reason why, Uniqlo’s jackets, coats, and winter clothes are definitely a must-have especially for Call Center Agents in the Philippines.

Although the event was held only via Zoom, it was truly a delight looking at all those fashionable wears.  I was truly filled with awe and excitement as my eyes feasted on all those fashionable pieces being featured on my screen. Uniqlo has indeed done truly well in creating clothes that you can wear on your typical day at work which will surely give you a comfortable feeling and a classy look.  Their exquisite line of clothes was truly created to express the real you and at the same time impress the people around you. 

The pieces looked warm – although, not “too warm” -- and exhibits comfort and practicality. We all know that jackets and winter clothes can be fashionable.  However, we understand that some of these clothes may not really be the usual fashion trend -- especially for a tropical country, like the Philippines.  The reason why I mentioned that these clothes are perfect for the Filipino call center agent is due to the fact that there are lots of call centers here in the country that really keep their temperature at an extremely cold level (since it helps cool down most of the equipment).  

My personal favorite was the men's flannel shirt -- simply because for me, it looks great and elegant.  And it will surely keep any Call Center Agent warm.  Also, I do believe that it will surely look good being worn by any Call Center Agent in and even out of the office.  Not only that -– it comes in a variety of colors that suits your taste and also various sizes so you can get one that fits you perfectly well. 

Overall, Uniqlo PH has recently released a new line of clothing which is truly perfect not only for BPO workers but also, for those other people who work in any corporate setting and even the younger generation as well. Kudos to Uniqlo for their 2022 Winter/Fall Lifewear collection.

Pieces were practical and perfect for any 
BPO setting.




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  1. Great designs and good quality of materials!