Great news call center agents, the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G is a great phone for you

In the Philippines, Samsung debuted the Galaxy M Series -- an awesome line of smartphones that gives its customers complete reign over their hobbies such as photography, vlogging, streaming and gaming. The Samsung Galaxy M series is the perfect all rounder phone for the working professional - such as those in call centers.

The Samsung Galaxy M53 5G is an totally an upgrade, aside from the 5G connectivity that is starting to spread out here in the Philippines, it is also one of the smartphones that has a primary camera of 108 mega pixels.

Lightweight and Sturdy

A poly carbonate shell and plastic back make up the Galaxy M53 5G's minimalist design. The gradient back reflects light differently depending on the angle at which it is seen. Samsung has included a matte surface on the back of the Galaxy M53 5G, which is great for avoiding fingerprint smudges and making the phone easier to hold.

Even with its 5,000mAh battery, the Galaxy M53 5G weighs only 176 grams which makes it a delight to carry despite of its size. All in all, the gadget has a high quality build and is comfortable to use.

The right side of the device houses the volume rocker and power button (which doubles as a fingerprint reader). The power button is within thumb's reach and conveniently located on the right side of the device

Perfect for Multimedia and fun

The smartphone features a 6.7-inch screen with full HD+ quality.

It's a 120Hz Super AMOLED display, so you can expect rich colors, blacks and blacks and has dazzling whites. The default refresh rate is 120Hz which makes the scrolling and viewing experience awesome.

The quality of streaming services like Netflix is comparable to that of watching TV on television. The large display plus the sound made me feel as if I had my own portable entertainment system. Both reading articles and watching was not a chore on the Samsung M53.

How about the speed?

Samsung appears to have put in a lot of work in regard to the speed of this phone. with a 2.96GHZ Octa-Core processor, UI navigation, social media, and multitasking apps all scroll snappily without hiccups. I also tried to play Mobile Legends at full settings and was unable to encounter any lag or dropped frame issues.

108 Megapixels and more

When it comes to picture quality, outdoor shots taken during daylight are perfectly adequate. The 108 MP camera does not disappoint and I was able to shoot awesome shots.


The 32-megapixel front camera provides high-quality selfies with accurate colors and natural skin tones.

Even better portrait selfies can be taken in bright light, but AI processing in natural and dim light is still an area for development.

Good battery performance

I once tried connecting the phone to Wi-Fi for a full day and after a few phone conversations and social media app surfing and moderate gaming, the battery still had 30% charge left.  However, whenever I had 5G open the whole time, the battery life drained faster.  Therefore, I had to re-charge the battery after about 12 hours whenever I stream and watch videos.

A great phone for Call Center Agents

For me, the Samsung Galaxy M53 5G, is an amazing phone fit for those call center agents who want flagship material, but are still on a budget.  There are a number of reasons for this -- Battery life is solid and it takes decent photos; also, it can be used for vlogging, and social media streaming. The UI speeds have improved and there are no lags or hiccups as I used it. This is truly one of Samsung's finest work yet.

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