Call Center Philippines - Salary Revealed!

 How much do you earn in a call center?

Are you planning to work in a call center? Did you know that average salary for a Call Center Agent is Php 15,000- 20,000 in 2022? Find out how much can you earn and increase your chance of getting hired by improving your skills.


In this guide, we'll look at the typical salaries for call center agents in the Philippines and highlight some of the perks that come with working in these jobs. We'll also give you some tips on where to find opportunities if you're looking to start a new career in a call center. We've got everything covered so keep reading!


Call Center Philippines Salary Revealed!


Call center agents are the face of customer service. They interact with customers, either over the phone or via email, responding to questions and concerns in a helpful manner. A call center agent salary can vary depending on where you work, but in general it’s pretty high compared to other jobs in the Philippines: around 15-20k per month is the usual average.


What are signing bonuses?


There are call centers that offer 20-40k signing bonuses. For call centers, they do this as a way to attract people. However, always note that no company will usually shell out a large amount of money when there has been no work done yet. This is why there may be certain conditions to receive that amount.


Some conditions are - you get half immediately when hired, then you get half when regularized. Other conditions are that you must finish training before you get any amount. There are certain conditions for signing bonuses for call centers. That is why you should always clarify this point.


Why should I work in a call center?

More importantly than just a paycheck, though, working as a call center agent will give you valuable experience that will serve your career well both now and into the future. Not only do they get plenty of practice communicating with others (a skill that’s key when applying for any job), they also learn how to work under pressure and deal with difficult situations at work—and these skills will come in handy no matter what industry you pursue next!


The requirements for becoming one aren't too strict: You simply need to pass an exam called "Basic Knowledge Test" which tests your ability to communicate effectively in English and be computer literate.


Call center agents can earn P20,000 per month. For a call center agent who has been in the industry for 3 years, this is equivalent to roughly P1,000 per day.


Work as a Call Center Agent Today


To become a call center agent, you must first apply for the position. The hiring manager will review your resume and if they believe it is a fit for the job opening, they will contact you for an interview.


During this phase of the process, the company will ask questions regarding your past experience in customer service and see if there are any gaps in employment history that would make you unqualified for this position. They may also ask behavioral questions so they can get to know more about who they're potentially hiring.


If everything goes well with this portion of their evaluation process, then congratulations! You've made it through one step closer towards becoming a part-time or full-time employee at their organization! If not then keep trying until eventually something does go right because eventually it will ;)


But before signing on any dotted line or accepting any offer letter from prospective employers there are some things worth considering: Is this company reputable? Are there other companies offering higher salaries? What benefits do they offer (health insurance coverage)? How often do employees get raises or bonuses? Is there room growth within their department?


You also need to consider that call centers may not be a career for the long term. You may consider this as a stepping stone and apply directly to other companies as a support desk.



The call center industry continues to boom in the Philippines, with hundreds of new jobs created every month for professionals like you. If you’re still looking for a career, then why not consider one that offers great opportunities and a good salary?




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