TIPS on Working from Home Jobs for Call Center Agents

With the Coronavirus pandemic, more and more Filipino Call Center Agents are turning to work from home jobs as options.  This is the most logical option since our economy has experienced a new downtime low.  Many companies have gone bankrupt and laid off their employees, this leaves more people who are now looking for opportunities to work from home.

Remote call center jobs, virtual call center jobs, and home-based call center jobs are now the trend.  However, there are other options available for you as call center agents.  

See the tips below on working from 

So how you as a call center agent get started with work from home jobs?  How do you start?  What are your options?

1)  Invest in a computer and stable internet

The first thing needed is to get a computer.  You need to Google specs of cheap and acceptable computers you can use to work from home.  A desktop is always a cheaper option, and a secondhand laptop will suffice.  Just make sure you have someone who knows computers to help you out before making any purchase.  

For the internet, we all know that our options in the Philippines are limited.  But to work using mobile hotspots is doable.  Get all types of simcards and test the LTE speeds when you use hotspots.  A wired cable or fiber powered internet is optimal.  Make sure you canvass the cheapest options.

Remember:  Treat computers and your ISPs as an initial investment.  However, do not spend too much since you need to make money first.  

Some people asked me if we can use mobile phones to work.  The answer is yes - but the work is limited and it has smaller pay ranges.

2) Target a niche.

You cannot expect to start working from home, and you have no idea what you want to do.  You need to know what skills you have and target a particular niche.  
  • Can you speak good english and have an aptitude to teach? - Try teaching English Online
  • Are you tech savvy, organized and you know basic internet tools and apps?  - Try becoming a Virtual Assistant.
  • Are you good in English and have worked in a BPO before?  - Try to work with online Customer Support/Call Centers.
  • Can you listen to a video and transcribe the language? - be a transcriptionist.
  • Are you a fast at typing - try online typing jobs at home

There are lots of jobs that you can do at home which may be as simple as a data encoder to a full scale company manager.  The key is to find what you are good at and research how you can utilize those skills to work at home.

3)  Build your skills.

When starting to work from home, consistent and constant studying is involved.  It will be like you are back in college and you have to learn new things again.  Invest in online classes and learn as much as you can.  Take time to study and increase skills that you need to make it as a work from home employee.  Be aggressive when it comes to learning

No one ever said working from home will be easy.  You need intellect, resourcefulness and an aggressive attitude to learn as much as you can to make it.

4)  Use Work from Home platforms 

Think of these platforms as job agencies.  They will match your skills with potential clients and customers who will give you real jobs.  All these platforms have openings for call center agents.

Sites below are actual sites where I found work and earned money.  

Upwork - my personal choice on working from home.  Has a good platform and has all the tools you need to find clients.  However, you have to pay fees to avail of their services. *I got scammed in this site.  Be careful when getting jobs from here, but some are legit. 

Again, you have to research on these sites and learn more about them.  There are lots of tips online on how to land jobs on these platforms.

5)  Try to search for Online Customer Support jobs.

Many BPOs/Call Centers have embraced the new normal and now have options to hire call center agents who will work from home.  Try Jobstreet or actually apply online to the major call center industries.  Then when contacted by a recruiter, mention that you prefer to work from home.

Always remember that there are lots of ways to earn money from the comforts of your own home.  However, you need to have the mindset that it will not be easy.  Be resourceful, reasearch as much as you can, be aggressive and never give up, and you will land that perfect job for you.

What other work from home jobs can you suggest?  


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