Working at night is natural if you’re a call center agent who serves clients from abroad. But don’t think this means compromising your social life altogether. Of course you’ll miss a few nights out with friends, but you don’t have to be missing in action all the time. It’s hard to survive in a high-stress environment such as a call center if you can’t socialize.

If you want to continue enjoying the company of other people while working at night, here are a few tips you should know.

1.  Learn to prioritize and manage your time

Since you have limited time to go out and hang out with your friends or loved ones, learn to prioritize and manage your time. Keep a mental list of people you’d want to see regularly, and continue making plans with them. Evaluate all the activities you do during your free time and think of the things you can slash out to make time for socializing.

2.  Plan breakfast with your pals

Although it’s difficult to enjoy dinners with people from your social circle, having breakfast with them your call center shift is possible. Plan ahead and go out with your friends or relatives in the morning. The key to maintaining a healthy social life is mutual compromise. You could hang out with your friends before your shift starts one week or you can ask your friends to wake up a little earlier so that they can have breakfast with you.

3.  Look for day shift opportunities

To lighten the load on call center employees, BPO companies like Stellar Philippines rotate schedules. Aside from this, the company has accounts that offer day shift schedules. This way, you can easily maintain work-life balance and continue working as a call center agent. Look out for call center hiring ads that mention day shifts as one of their offerings.

4.  Use the Internet

If maintaining physical contact is too difficult for you, use the Internet to communicate with your friends and relatives. Leave messages to each other in a private channel or organize Skype parties. Don’t leave short, nonsensical messages. As much as possible, exert effort in composing your messages and make them worthwhile. Include interesting details like your favorite call of the day.  If you’re not comfortable with writing your messages, you can leave voice recordings or voicemail.

5.  Participate in day time activities

One of the advantages of working at night is being able to attend activities during the day. If your kids have activities at school, you can start attending these activities without having to take a leave from work. You can also join activities like fun runs during the morning. There are plenty of activities and social events that you can join when it’s daytime that you can’t attend if you’re working on a day shift. To learn more about activities you can attend, try to regularly check your Facebook calendar for events you’ve been invited to.


Working as a call center agent shouldn’t mean the death of your social life. Learn how to manage your time, plan accordingly, and look for opportunities to maintain work-life balance. By doing this, you can maintain contact with your social circle despite working in a call center.

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