Most call center agents resign simply because they cannot get along with their office mates...

1) Try not to be a loner

I personally have nothing against loners, but the call center is a pretty social place.  You need social skills to survive this type of industry.  You need to ask co-workers help at one point or the other.  You need to use your communication skills to talk to your customers.  And you need to reach out to your team leaders.

You do not have to mingle with everyone, but at least mingle with people who matter.  It will be very hard to be singled out as the office snob.

You raise survival chances if at least you communicate with others.  If you really are a hard core loner, consider a career as a librarian.

Wag mag pa-mysterious type effect...papansin kalalabasan mo...  

2)  Have boundaries

Now lets talk about the 'super extroverts'.

They are friends with everyone, even the janitors, the cafeteria vendors, taxi drivers and the guards.

There’s nothing wrong with being friendly, but just have boundaries.  Make sure that you do not broadcast your private personal life.  Keep the details of how your mother has issues, or how your loved one takes you for granted, or how you have three nipples.  There's such a thing such as "giving too much information" -- so learn to limit details or it may be used against you.

Also, try not to show people how popular you are by bragging that you have friends everywhere on the floor.  You will just come off as annoying.  Office life is not a popularity contest, you are there to work.  

3) Do not be an asshole

Some agents were just meant to be run over by a speeding vehicle. 

These agents feel bad when someone gets promoted, are rude to everyone, and they make friends for profit.  These agents suck-up to the bosses and are quick to badmouth other agents.  They are jealous, conniving and lives up to the “talangka mentality”.  After some time, when the upper management sees their bad attitudes, they get fired.  

So make you sure that you have a nice attitude.  Try your best to be kind and fair to everyone.  Have a daily mantra or think of Bro or Santino.  Being nice in the office will make you more liked, and will make your call center life less stressful 

4)  Try not to be weird

In your personal environment you have family and friends who will love you for who you are.  In the office, people will judge you based on how you act.  Try to practice proper and normal behavior and always keep your actions in check.  Try to fight those eccentric urges or you will be tagged as the office weirdo.  Do not be the cool “rebel” who does whatever he wants (anu ka, teenager?). 

Also, try not to look visually normal.  At the end of the day, this is the Philippines -- people will always talk about how you have a rainbow colored beard, or you how you never wear deodorant. 

5)  Act your age

There are young and old alike in the call center.  There is nothing more annoying that being 40 and acting as a teenager, or being 20 and you talk as if you are ancient.  Just try to be natural and act your age. 

Refrain from using the “age card” where you expect to have special favors because you are old, or you are still young and this is your first job -- on the floor, everyone’s equal.

6)  Do not be the office Borrower / PG

There are agents notorious for borrowing money – they get talked about and are generally avoided.  It's ok to borrow for emergencies.  But do not make a habit out of it.  

Also, do not be the office PG (patay gutom).  Try to be someone who can sometimes say “no” to free food.

Habitual borrowers and Patay gutom's easily lose respect in people's eyes.              

And I quote – “pare-parehas kayo sumesweldo, wag mang-lamang ng kapwa.”

7) Be professional

The office is not your playground nor your fashion show.  You do not go there to make friends or be popular.  It’s not an outlet to let out your personal problems and frustrations.  You work to make money…PERIOD!

Make sure you practice professionalism at all times, and your call center lives will be a breeze!

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