Lot's of call center agents are undergrads, because the call center is the only industry that gives decent wages for undergraduates.

I am one of them -- my father passed away and I had to stop college and provide for my family.   The call center industry gave me chance to provide for my family, and save enough for college.

And after years I finally managed to get that degree.

So for those agents who dreams of getting a college degree, I have 4 words for you-- it can be done!  I did it, and so can you.

Here are some tips from my own personal experiences that I would like to share with you.

PART 1: What's the proper mindset?

1) It is not impossible to get a degree

It may be hard, but not impossible.  There may be lots of sacrifices along the way -- but you must always sacrifice something to gain something.

2) Make it a Goal - so have a deadline

Once you get that paycheck, you then start to think "why should I finish college when I'm already making money?"

You will then make up excuses like "I really can’t find the time to finish college.” or “It can’t be done in my current situation.” Or the classic, “It’s my goal to finish college, so sometime soon, I’ll find a way…”

Remember that "soon" is often equal to "too late".  Therefore, make it your goal to actually finish college.  A goal will always have a deadline -- so give yourself a hard date on when to actually accomplish this.

3) The call center is not a permanent career
I personally know how hard it is to motivate your self to finish college -- so realize that the call center industry is not a stable career.

I have been an agent for 4 years now and I can guarantee 100% that your position as an agent, team leader, quality analyst etc., is only as good as the next end of life of the account.    When the contract expires, or when the American companies decide to transfer the account to India, you need to find new work.
You may gain experience and apply for a new job based on your previous position -- but remember that you can also get replaced by the younger generation.  It's the naive and stupid who say that call center careers are forever.

So finish a degree/vocational/diploma course -- it will be safer in the future when you are a bit older.

4) Philippine companies measure you based on your educational attainment
As I mentioned, the older you get, the harder it is to get a job without a degree.

Get those rid of thoughts like -- “its not the education that counts but how capable and experienced you are.” 

This statement can be true for other countries (and for some lucky people).  But if you live in the Philippines, you get measured based on educational attainment.

5) Attaining a degree builds character
It shows that you faced the challenge and just did it.

It’s not really just the piece of paper that you get, but the struggle and the effort it takes for you to gain a degree will definitely build you as a person.

(Continued in Part 2)

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