An agent's lifeline is their team leaders, so one key to survival is to get along with them. Whether they be saints or sinners, ugly and stupid, you need to have a good working relationship with them.

So here are a few pointers when it comes to your team leaders.

1) Your Team Leaders are Human
Some agents do nothing but complain that their team leaders are idiots, and total morons, and that they can do better. They expect team leaders to be without flaws since they are seniors.

A good attitude then is to realize that leaders are not robots, but human as well. They have their moods, bad attitudes, and bad days. And you're not so perfect as well, so don’t expect them to be. They are still your bosses, so try your best to be in good terms with them.

2) Pleasing your Team Leaders are different from sucking up

I mentioned that you needed to be in good terms with your boss, but this doesn't mean that you kiss their asses. Leave the ass kissing to the stupid idiots who will get their share of karma someday.

Pleasing your boss means you doing your job properly (like being professional or not being late). And pleasing your boss means going the extra mile to make their lives easier. An agent is meant to serve his boss and listen to the boss, and not the other way around.

3) Don’t abuse your Team Leaders
Some agents should get a master's degree for being late (nagka-aksidente nanaman sa edsa), faking sickness (instant migraine/LBM), and making up excuses (may adik sa labas ng bahay). Do remember that your Team Leads answer to a higher manager, and if you mess up your performance, then their performance gets messed up too.

Lenient team leaders become strict when abused -- and this affects the whole team as well.

4) Treat your Team leaders the way you want to be treated
The Golden rule: Do unto others…blah blah blah.

5) Do not get too Personal with your team leads
No matter how nice your Team Leaders may be, they are still your bosses. Be professional with them, and show respect at all times -- this will spare you from issues and jealous co-workers. Should you really become close friends, then meet somewhere outside the office to chill and relax.

In the end, getting along with team leaders should be easy if you remain professional. This should be a top priority to survive the call center life. However, I have also seen team leaders who are power tripping jerks, and there’s no sense in getting along with them. Just be a grown-up and do your job and believe in the power of karma.

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