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Thirteen years ago I jumped for joy and did a backflip when I got accepted as a customer service agent for a local call center. I immediately went online to ask the smartest entity I know (Google) about the in’s and out’s of my new career.

I then received tons of information from several sites, blogs, and forums on how to work in the call center industry. Some ideas were good, some were bad, and some were just plain stupid (you will automatically get Aids when you work in a call center). Still, I did learn a lot and will be eternally grateful to those writers who took time to write guides for call center noobs like me.

Three harrowing years after, I now proclaim myself as a call center veteran (I also have the eye bags to prove my claim). I decided to join the ranks of those who gave me inspiration when I started out as an agent, and share the personal lessons I learned on how to survive the call center industry.

Not to brag (kuno), but I have bought a house, got myself a good family, have money in the bank, and acquired small personal business. I also managed to work on a college degree — all this from being “just an agent”. And if I can do it, then so can you!

So I hope you get something out of my humble tips on how to survive the call center industry as an agent.
Happy reading!

Sa mga O.A. na grammar police — If I make some grammatical errors paki-intindi — Agent nga ako eh, hindi English coach!

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